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Here is a exclusive opportunity to own a superior canine, offspring from the only Palm Dog award winning Pitbull, and a piece of positive iconic Pitbull history. Only a couple "Brandy breeding" offspring will be available to selected approved homes.

🎬 We are extremely proud & grateful to officially announce that we have a healthy and beautiful Brandy litter. "The breeding of a lifetime". This is a Breeding that will go down in history for the apbt. Two exceptionally intelligent minded canines who were also capable of performing many tasks for Hollywood. Two dogs labeled and awarded as the highlight of great modern day cinema which casted true all stars such as Brad Pitt, Leonardo Dicaprio, Margot Robbie, Al Pacino,  Kurt Russell, Luke  Perry,  and directed by living legend Quentin Tarantino. Todays best, this includes Brandy dog. We are extremely flattered that our Sayuri/ Cerberus won the movies only award @ 2019s Cannes Film Festival in France! #2019PalmDog 🎬

❤We truly appreciate all the love and support we are receiving on a worldwide platform. 
Stay tuned for daily Brandy updates!!❤

Current on vaccinations 

Health guarantee 

UKC registration (if applicable)

**Price of Sharon DOES NOT include UKC registration paperwork. If buyer prefers UKC registration and full rights to Sharon, price can be adjusted to agreed amount per DRP-buyer. Please feel free to contact us with any questions as to why holding registration paperwork may or may not be necessary.

Personal shipping available

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