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Delaware Red Pitbulls

Millionette - Brandy clone & Direct daughter of Boo Dogg 1st Born Son "Brandy the Pitbull TM" - KCK-9 associates OB Training Degree/ AKC-CGC certification included

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Daughter of Brandy the Pitbulls 1st born son, Boo Dogg 🐻‍❄️

KCK-9 Associates Degree & AKC-CGC certifications included

🚨 Sayuri clone 🚨


DOB- 2/23/2021
The #BRANDYLINE genetic consistency is undeniable. Milly not only looks just like Sayuri but also has the same balanced and extremely unique temperament. She is working her #kck9 training package daily and is only available to the distinguished home. Milly does not require expert ownership but will require commitmented love and direction. After all, love and direction are what make Sayuri thrive! Her temperament is superb stable and simply a pleasure to be around. Full of love and loyalty. She can fit well in various types of homes. If you love the extreme intelligence and easy going temperament of Sayuri, Milly is the ultimate choice on the Globe! Hit Matt up with any questions.

Millionette includes our KCK-9 / Klosowski Custom K-9 Training Associates Degree 11/1/22  (See our packages for details) She will also include her CGC (Canine Good Citizens) certificate provided by the AKC (American Kennel Club)

Millys price will increase upon her *Brandy the Pitbull training package is complete.

This girl is a great opportunity for the Elite Canine enthusiast who prefers the finer things in life with skipping all the complicated puppy phases. DRP & KCK-9 did that for you. Girl has all the right ingredients to work and also be a great family companion. Real function. Real balance.

Feel free to contact us with any and all questions about Milly girl.

DRP is extremely pleased with how great Millys breeding clicked and continues to mature. The consistency of this breeding impressive. The Sayuri clones from this breeding are unheard of. If you follow DRP, then you may have seen Millionettes littermates Ruby, BooJee, The Boy, and Draco. Her littermates are owned by all of walks of life from Pro athletes to music producers. BOOJEE was personally kept by DRP for the future of the Brandy Legacy. Boo Dogg continues to reproduce his mother Sayuri aka @brandy_the_pittbull We could not have imagined better productions. DRP team is extremely grateful and excited for what the future holds 🧬

🎈 D.O.B.  February 23rd 2021 🎈

Millionette has been Raw fed full life using human grade recipes. She is a defined 60lbs of muscle. She has the sweet eyes and personality the world adores of Sayuri. If you love or appreciate the Cinema history, expressional faces, superb obedience, high IQ, or simply Sayuri, Milly is the ultimate available DRP production for you. Upgrade her with our Kck-9- B.T.P ( Brandy the Pitbull TM Masters degree) for the ultimate Elite Canine experience.

"A unique place where decades of Ethical K9 Breeding, Nutrition, and Training collide"

Boo Dogg absolutely proves that he produces on the highest level.

Boo Dogg son of Brandy the Pitbull @brandy_the_pittbull, 2019's Palm Dog award winner. The 1st APBT to be awarded Cannes Palm dog, the most prestigious Cinema award dogs can achieve. Boo is the closest to the "total package" DRP stud and he's been paired with one of our most structurally sound top producing rare buckskin females, Naga Jolokia. A real sweetheart with great drives.
Milly is 5th generation DRP offspring continuing to blaze the DRP legendary path.

The future is here...
The future is bright...

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🎬 The Brandy Chronicle's 🎬_____________________________
🎯 They're not just dogs, they're a way of life 🎯

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❤We truly appreciate all the love and support we are receiving on a worldwide platform. 

Puppy imprinting 

CGC certificate 

Kck9 certificate

Current on vaccinations 

Health guarantee 

UKC registration (if applicable)

Personal door to door shipping available

Breeder knowledge/support for life

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