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Delaware Red Pitbulls

Dog For Hire - Jaxx "The Father of Brandy"

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DRP is extremely pleased with how great this breeding clicked and continues to mature. The consistency is impressive

The Klosowski Red Dog is similar to the APBT but with much better aptitude towards Personal protection. The ultimate home protection breed.

Unlike other protection breeds like the Rottweiler or German shepard, the Klosowski Red dog is more versatile.

🎈 D.O.B  6/15/2014 🎈
Weight: 75lbs  Height: 18’’

Jaxx is the father @brandy_the_pittbull, 2019's Palm Dog award winner and Top Hollywood Stunt Dog. The 1st APBT to be awarded Palm dog, the most prestigious Cinema award a Canine can achieve. Jaxx created positive iconic history for a breed at a time in history where they've been misunderstood and discriminated against most.

"A unique place where decades of Ethical K-9 Breeding, Nutrition, and Training collide"

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🎯 They're not just dogs, they're a way of life 🎯 


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