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Delaware Red Pitbulls

"Rozi" Retired to Pet Home * Red Jaxx xXx Red Rain daughter ( Rare Red Buckskin )

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Jaxx daughter 💫
The last of a legacy, Jaxx is officially retired.

Rozi has basic obedience. She has lived inside with normal routine most of her life. Rozi has been bred 1x and ready for her retirement home. She is as sweet and loving as this breed comes. She been raised with puppies, kids, and many dogs. She not aggressive. She can fit into almost any home with success. We are being extra selective in approving her home. She deserves the best. Rozie twin brother Apex is also available. He is more working dog caliber. Ask us more about Rozi.
Rozi includes professional OBEDIENCE TRAINING since she was a pup, all current vaccinations, health guarantee, additional health guarantees when committed to our exclusive Athletic K9 raw dinners, buyers agreement, UKC registration certificate (if applicable), imprinting, socialization, environmental tested, environmental practice, Obedience training (professional) ,knowledgeable/accurate overview of traits, personal DRP shipping, & Reputable 20 year experienced lifetime partner, coach, trainer, canine nutritionist, and breed expert who caters to their clients/ DRP family.
We also offer the option to title her AKC-CGC (Canine Good Citizens) for additional training fee. Ask us about it. 

This breeding has been fundamentally designed over the past 20 years at DRP. These established pairings are works of ART. The 2020s is showing declining breeding ethics around the world. Breeds are being destroyed. Offspring like Rozi provide future hope for the breeds survival.

DOB- 1/23/2022

Jaxx is the father @brandy_the_pittbull, 2019's Palm Dog award winner. The 1st APBT to be awarded Palm dog, the most prestigious Cinema award the Canine can achieve in film. Jaxx created positive iconic branding at a time in history where this breed has been misunderstood and discriminated against the most.

The future is here...
The future is bright...

Please feel free to contact with any and all questions.