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Delaware Red Pitbulls

Red Jaxx xXx Red Rain Female #4 Live Rosin aka Rozi ( Rare Red Buckskin )

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Ask us about Rozi!
DRP choice Jaxx Female 💫
Rozi aka Female #4:
This girl is exceptionally stunning. Rozi is very inquisitive and always looking for direction. High energy and high intelligence makes for fun and productive training. She loves to train at KCK-9. Rozi also loves running the beaches and hiking through the woods. She sticks by your side looking for direction. This crew of Jaxx offspring has the perfect Cerberus blend on the bottom of the pedigree. The whole crew are lean athletic machines built right! What makes this crew special is much deeper than just how they look! Jaxx never fails and always amazes. Jaxx producing this buckskin color is extremely rare and special. Rozi is always on the move outside and the absolute Sweetheart in the house and also when she gets 1 on 1 attention. Rozi is a great fit for pet home or working sport home. She is balanced and versatile. Rozi is a dog for the canine fancier who prefers nothing less than the best. 
Rare Red Buckskin Klosowski Red Dog with the signature features we love * Solid Buckskin with no markings * Solid Red Nose * Clean bite * Tight short soft hair * Compact Structure * daughter of Legendary iconic Pitbulls *
Rozi has been fundamentally designed for the past 20 years at DRP. They consider Rozi an established work of ART. The 2020s are a generation of poor breeding ethics around the world. Breeds are being destroyed but dogs like Rozi give future hope for the breeds preservation.

Rozi is of the highest quality. Incomparable breed advancement designed for those who want the finest of the finest.

💫 D.O.B. 1/23/2022 

Jaxx is the father @brandy_the_pittbull, 2019's Palm Dog award winner and Top Hollywood Stunt Dog. The 1st APBT to be awarded Palm dog, the most prestigious Cinema award a Canine can achieve. Jaxx created positive iconic history for a breed at a time in history where they've been misunderstood and discriminated against most.

When #legends Collide 🥨. Sayuris daddy bred to both @brandy_the_pittbull s daughter Rain aka Trudy ( Cer X Sy daughter ) Cerberus is the perfect outcross to loosen up this heavy dominant 2X Jaxx 🧬 This pairing has been planned long before our success with #QUENTINTARANTINO s #Onceuponatimeinhollywood Next level advancement of our bloodline and the breed as a whole. This pairing best represents the #KlosowskiRed and the #BRANDYLINE. Jaxx doesn't have many years remaining to procreate, he's getting older. These dogs just simply don't live long enough. We remember taking Jaxx swimming & boating at 12 weeks old and climbing cliffs at 6 months old like it was yesterday. A legendary dog that created dogs who will go down in history for positively branding this breed. Jaxx is the epitome of a bloodline and program creator #Stud For those that prefer the finer things in life, this is the one you want‼️

The future is here...
The future is bright...

Please feel free to contact with any and all questions. Matt enjoys talking dogs. He would love to consult with you to help find the absolute best fit, whether our pups or not.

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