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Delaware Red Pitbulls

Red Jaxx xXx Red Rain Female #5 "Roadi"

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Ask us about Roadi

DRP and KCk-9 has been testing and training the Jaxx crew daily. Roadi has a great balance blend of drives and attributes. Shes best known for her natural confidence and strong leadership within her litter. Good choice for the loving active home and a great choice for competition. Roadi is stable, secure, confident, and has the perfect stunning physique! Her structure is flawless and intense. Check out her side shot pics and her videos working at Kck-9. Theyre testing her drives and working basic obedience training daily. She was temporarily named Roadi because she likes car rides and always close by looking for direction. A true Road dog! Roadi will make a great travel dog with good protection temperament. Her strong dependency of her trainers shows them she will be extremely loyal, little needy, and protective of her loved ones. Like her mama Rain.
Roadi is a Klosowski Red Dog with the signature Jaxx head, face, and structure * Top Confident female from her breeding * leader * Solid Red with small white diamond chest marking * Solid Red Nose * Clean bite * Tight short soft hair * Compact flawless Structure * daughter and sister of Legendary iconic Pitbulls

Ask Matt all the benefits of why DRP and kck9 doesn't prefer selling pups so young like the adverage breeder. These benefits are priceless for their clients.
💫 D.O.B. 1/23/2022 

Jaxx is the father @brandy_the_pittbull, 2019's Palm Dog award winner and Top Hollywood Stunt Dog. The 1st APBT to be awarded Palm dog, the most prestigious Cinema award a Canine can achieve. Jaxx created positive iconic history for a breed at a time in history where they've been misunderstood and discriminated against most.

When #legends Collide 🥨. Sayuris daddy bred to both @brandy_the_pittbull s daughter Rain aka Trudy ( Cer X Sy daughter ) Cerberus is the perfect outcross to loosen up the 2X Jaxx 🧬 This pairing has been planned long before our success with #QUENTINTARANTINO s #Onceuponatimeinhollywood Next level advancement of our bloodline and the breed as a whole. This pairing represents the #KlosowskiRed and the #BRANDYLINE. Jaxx doesn't have many years remaining to procreate, he's getting older. These dogs just simply don't live long enough. We remember taking Jaxx swimming & boating at 12 weeks old and climbing cliffs at 6 months old like it was yesterday. A legendary dog that created dogs who will go down in history for positively branding this breed. Jaxx is the epitome of a bloodline and program creator #Stud For those that prefer the finer things in life, this is the one you want‼️