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Delaware Red Pitbulls

Red Jaxx xXx Red Rain "Fireball" Male #1

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Ask us about Fireball
Fireball is a replica of Jaxx at that age. Check him out on our males page. Fireball has excellent balance of drives just like his parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. Super tight clean structure and razor sharp demeanor. He's a energetic fun pup that's going to be a beast and teddy bear. Expect 80lbs when mature. Boy Loves to please and always looking for direction. Hes a fast learner at Kck-9. Check out his basic obedience training videos.
Solid Red with the signature Jaxx head, face, and structure. He represents the Brandyline well * Fast learning student at KCK-9 (see videos) * Small white chest marking, no other white * Solid Red Nose * Clean bite * Tight short soft hair * Compact Structure * Docked Tail * Son and brother of Legendary iconic Pitbulls *  

 D.O.B. 1/23/2022 
Pups include all current vaccinations, health guarantee, additional health guarantees when committed to their exclusive Olympik K9 raw dinners, buyers agreement, UKC registration certificate (if applicable) , puppy imprinting, socialization, environmental testing, environmental practice, knowledgeable overview of clients canine puppy traits, personal DRP shipping available, & Reputable 20 year experienced lifetime partner, coach, trainer, canine nutritionist, and breed expert who caters to their clients.

Jaxx is the father @brandy_the_pittbull, 2019's Palm Dog award recipient. The 1st pitbull to be awarded Palm dog. Jaxx played his part creating an exceptional temperament that led to positive iconic history.

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