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Delaware Red Pitbulls

Samson and Asia - "GOONIES BOY" Male #1 ( Jaxx III )

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GOONIES aka Jaxx the III * the first born *

Please note: Goonies has officially started working his KCK-9 obedience training package. Very impressive pup that any trainer would appreciate.


Goonies may not be what you had in mind when searching us but dont over look him. Theres a deeper side to this boy.

The Biggest Male of all our current breedings with a huge personality to match. This boy is a TANK. One of the most unique dogs ever produced here at DRP and favoring the bulldog side of the Pitbull blood. He is a dog trainer and working home GEM, and priced for the working man. BIG, ATHLETIC, CONFIDENT, WIND (yes, big boy can breath and has good stamina), NATURAL DEEP BITE, STRONG WORKING DRIVE (see videos), and loves to chase. Ideal catch dog ability. Goonies does not display dog aggression but loves to work with everything kck9 had thrown at him. He swims, bitework, hangs, plays great with people/puppies, basic obedience, and sticks by your side like a true gaurdian breed. This boy could go both ways, family companion and or working home. His natural athletic ability, large size, physical athleticism and natural aptitude to chase would make him a great catch dog. Very playful as well. He talks to us, seriously. HAZEL EYES, almost solid Red, docked tail, white chest, Solid Red nose, Big head, Solid muscle from birth, confident, inquisitive, and several exceptional qualities to list. 

This breeding really surprised us with working ability excellence. This is both Samson and Asia's 1st breeding. 1st breedings are always very exciting for us because we never know exactly what genetics will dominate. Well this breeding dominated Asia's daddy, the legendary #Stuntdog Cerberus @brandy_the_pittbull 🔥🌶

But Male #1 favored Samsons genetics as well (Jaxx son), we are calling him Jaxx the 3rd for obvious physical reasons.

Check out #Stuntpuppy Male 3. Cerberus recreated


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