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Delaware Red Pitbulls

Samson and Asia - "GOONIES BOY" Male #1 ( Jaxx III ) Working home only

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GOONIES aka Jaxx the III * the first born *

Experienced home only!

Goonies Boy has strong drive and attitude. Hes hard and tough and the perfect blend of attributes for protection or sport work. He has been started on the basics of protection work. Goonies will thrive as a trainers prodigy or working home. We prefer Goonies new owner to continue Goonies with his KCk-9 training where they specialize in his genetics, but if you are a trainer or have your own trainer, DRP will accept that as well. Goonies previously went to a client's home that didn't commit to him as promised and breached our contract. DRP does not tolerate people who say whatever to get a dog based on looks only. If you do not have sufficient experience with working dogs, Goonies is not for you. DRP got Goonies back after contract was breached and he now continues basic training at KCK-9. Unfortunate situation but excellent opportunity for the experienced working dog enthusiast. Goonies is an exceptional working dog, especially within this breed. He's also discounted for his slight underbite (2 millimeters). Not noticeable u less lips are lifted. DRP is also applying ball techniques to adjust his bite back to normal. Goonies is a pup that will give back more than the adverage dog. Commitment, respect, and active lifestyle are required for him. He's full of life and loves to please. Wether you prefer protection work, sport, or simply very active lifestyle, this boy will excel beyond the adverage expectations. DRP guarantees it. If you prefer a dog that's more pet qaulity, Goonies is not a good choice but Check our Clifford on the available page, Cliff is that perfect fit!

Goonies may not be what you had in mind when searching DRP but dont over look him. Theres a deeper side to this boy.

The Biggest Male of his breeding with a huge personality to match. This boy is the absolute TANK. One of the most unique dogs ever produced here at DRP and favoring the bulldog side of the Pitbull blood. He is a dog trainer and working home GEM. He's also discounted for minor underbite. Boy is BIG, ATHLETIC, CONFIDENT, WINDED (big boy can breath and has good stamina), NATURAL DEEP BITE, STRONG WORKING DRIVE (see videos), and loves to chase and catch. Goonies loves to work everything kck9 has challenged him with. Goonies is fearless and handles pressure well. He was swimming at 10 weeks old, natural aptitudes for bitework from young age. Boy sticks by your side like a true gaurdian breed should. His natural athletic ability, large size, physical athleticism and natural aptitude to chase would make him a great catch dog. But he WILL excel at any working task in the committed home. Hes playful and loving as well. Goonies has always stood out. Almost solid Red, compact short straight back, clean pastures, big rear end, docked tail, white chest, Solid Red nose, Big head, Solid muscle from birth, confident, inquisitive, and several exceptional qualities to list.

A Cerberus meets Jaxx pedigree!

This breeding really surprised us with working ability excellence. This is both Samson and Asia's 1st breeding. 1st breedings are always very exciting for us because its not known exactly what genetics will dominate. Well this breeding dominated Asia's daddy, the legendary #Stuntdog Cerberus @brandy_the_pittbull Working ability and favored Jaxxs physical structure 🔥

Goonies favored Samsons genetics. DRP calls him Jaxx the 3rd for obvious physical reasons.

Check out #Stuntpuppy Male 3 as well. Cerberus recreated


The future is here...
The future is bright...

They're not just dogs, they're a way of life 🎯

"A unique place where decades of Ethical K-9 Breeding, Nutrition, and Training collide"

❤ DRP truly appreciates all the love and support they are receiving on a worldwide platform.

  • Current on vaccinations 
  • Health guarantee 
  • Puppy imprinting/OB/Bitework intro
  • UKC registration (if applicable)
  • Personal door to door shipping 
  • Breeder/Trainer/nutrition knowledge for the life of Goonies

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