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Delaware Red Pitbulls

Samson and Asia - "WishBone aka Bones" Male #2

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Update: Bones continues basic Training at Klosowski's Custom K-9 Training. Video available upon request. He has great work ethic and play drive. Playful and energetic! He is extremely eager to please and always by your side.  Bones is not aggressive towards dogs or his littermates. One of least dominant of the crew. Less dominance can make for easier multi dog home ownership. 

He was the Smallest Male of the litter, least animal aggression, Strong play drive, high energy, eager to please,  extremely intelligent, confident, 1st to do everything as litter matured, leader, white chest, Solid Red nose, rare red toenails, Big bull head, Solid ripped muscle, wishbone neck marking, docked tail, slight under-bite that isn't noticeable unless his lips are pulled up ( 2 millimeters ) priced accordingly. Bones is a great choice for the active loving pet home. His personality is bigger than life and makes up for his minor flaw. The Perfect active pet home temperament. Bones comes with bargain and value. He will thrive in an active and loving home.

This is both Samson and Asia's 1st breeding. 1st breedings are always very exciting for us because we never know exactly what genetics will dominate. We kept this crew a little longer which allows us alot of evaluation time, our true passion here at DRP. This allows us to better educate our clients on their pup. This breeding dominated Asia's daddy drives, the legendary #Stuntdog Cerberus @brandy_the_pittbull and Samsons dad Jaxx physical attributes. This crew is also helping us lock in the #KlosowskiRed dog weve developed. Bones, Fireball, and Goonies are all very similar in physical structure. All proving to be some of the most unique dogs available anywhere in the world. Ask us why they're unlike anything else.

Also Check out Samsons Male #3 who favors Cerberus.


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  • Current on vaccinations 
  • Health guarantee 
  • Puppy imprinting
  • UKC registration (if applicable)
  • Personal door to door shipping 
  • Breeder knowledge for life
  • Current on vaccinations 
  • Health guarantee 
  • Puppy imprinting
  • UKC registration (if applicable)
  • Personal door to door shipping available
  • Breeder knowledge for life
  • Ear cropping is optional

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