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Delaware Red Pitbulls

Samson and Asia - Male #3 (Junior)

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 Junior favors Cerberus aka @brandy_the_pitbull TM in many ways. Hes DRPs stand out/choice Samson Male  ⭐️

DOB- 12/27/2021

Current puppy weight- 55lbs

Current puppy height- 19"

What to expect: more girth as Junior developes into a mature dog over the next year.

The wow factor...

GREEN EYES, Deep red, perfect face stripe, white chest, signature dipped Brandy the Pitbull TM feet, Solid Red nose, Solid muscle and nerve from birth, Perfect bite, confident, inquisitive, and overall balanced temperament. Ask us about more Junior.

This breeding really surprised us with excellent Drives. This is both Samson and Asia's 1st breeding. 1st breedings are always exciting for DRP because its unknown exactly what genetics will dominate. This breeding dominated Asia's daddy drive, the legendary #Stuntdog Cerberus @brandy_the_pittbull littermate Goonies favors Samsons dad Jaxxs physical structure. Goonies is available if that side of the pedigree is preferred.


The future is here...
The future is bright...

They're not just dogs, they're a way of life 🎯

"A unique place where decades of Ethical K-9 Breeding, Nutrition, and Training collide"

❤ DRP truly appreciates all the love and support they are receiving on a worldwide platform. 

  • Current on vaccinations 
  • Health guarantee 
  • Puppy imprinting continuous since 5 weeks old
  • Obedience Training (professional)
  • UKC registration (if applicable)
  • Personal door to door shipping 
  • Breeder knowledge/Partner for life

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