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Delaware Red Pitbulls

Thanos x Vibez Puppy "Clifford" Male 3 -Under Contract

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Ask us about Clifford, the Big Red Dog!

DRPs choice Thanos Male 💫
DOB- 3/27/22

Cliff has been imprinted at Kck-9 since 8 weeks of age and started obedience training at 6 months of age. He is client ready and user friendly!

Clifford is the gentle giant of the crew. Hes going to be Big and Clean when mature, possibly 80-85lbs clean muscular structure. Cliff is an excellent option for family companion because he has the most balanced- superb temperament. Pure pleasure to be around. Clifford is a heart throb with a great vibe about him. What makes Clifford special is his cool demeanor and laid back attitude. He may be laid back but he can turn the energy ON too. Cliff is a versatile boy with great drives and great balance. Cliff loves hiking and running the beaches. Boy only knows love. He has never had negative corrections. His life has been all play, love, and school. KCK-9 is capable of enhancing his protection ability if desired. 

Cliff has exceptional structure. His structure is as close to perfection as they come. Very functional and athletic body type. He will thrive with the active family. His head is showing signs of being exceptionally large when matured and with the DRP preferred head structure. Cliffs the perfect option to detour and intimidate threats at your home just from his physical appearance. He isn't a much of a barker at this age and isnt a "runner". Always wants to be by your side. Clifford is confident and passive, but not to be confused with soft. His coat is tight, short, and soft true Red. The whole crew has great hair. Clifford has the least amount of white markings, almost solid Red. A happy balanced manored pup always looking for direction and guidance. The true Gentleman of the Thanos crew. CLIFFORD is the ideal Kck-9 obedience student as well. Ask us about our C.G.C. packages powered by the American Kennel Club, AKC.

These are True Red Dogs from Thanos. Consistency at its finest. The whole crew is the same color Red with small white chest markings. A couple completely solid Reds. This whole crew is full of energy, full of life. KCK-9 is currently imprinting, socializing, and testing them daily. This is how DRP can accurately educate their clients on the different attributes such as temperament and drives. They ensure they find you the best fit. There are many very important client benefits associated to DRPs practices. Ask them about what they do to get these pups set up for client success!

DOB - 3/27/2022

OFFSPRING Will have the following:

Current on vaccinations 

Health guarantee 

UKC registration (if applicable)

Personal shipping available (optional)

Puppy imprinting

Obedience training introduction

Breed Expert/ lifelong coach

Thanos is the secret sauce to the future of
DRP. Thanos pics and videos can be viewed in puppy listings and on the DRP youtube channel. Breeding Thanos to the perfect female has been planned for several
years. Patience is key at DRP. Thanos is one of the all time top produced Dela sons that DRP has patiently waited to incorporate to the perfect compatible female. His father is Loki. Both Dela and Loki are on our males and females pages. Fun fact, Dela is also the mother of our Cerberus aka Brandy the pitbull TM. Alot of
similarities between Thanos and Cerberus. Both of the highest quality. Both incredible intelligent high drive temperaments.
Thanos is several generations deep into our #KlosowskiRed genetics and
represents what we love here at DRP. Thanos pics and videos available upon request as well.

Vibez is the perfect outcross for matching to Thanos' genetics. Vibez is a Thor and Nala daughter. Thor is also a Dela son as well (this breeding is 2X DELA) DRPs 
legendary foundation female that started it all! VIBEZ mother Nala is the Daughter of Jaxx. Jaxx is Sayuri aka Brandy the pitbull TM father. Jaxx meets Cerberus 🚱
Check out their special pedigree!

Overall these are true Red dogs. The whole litter is solid Red and
consistent both mentally and physically. Its known in the dog world that consistency is key, and the hardest achievement for breeders. To develop a consistency of great dogs requires serious commitment to the breed. This crew all has gorgeous tight Red Coates with Beautiful eyes. Cliff is the most balanced family companion temperament but most of his littermates are high geared.

We're here to help you understand the temperament differences to ensure your optimal compatibility.

The future is here...
The future is bright...

Please feel free to contact with any questions.

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