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Female #1, Utah is a high energy, dominant, eager to please, and overall happy girl. She is the strongest female of this crew. DRP started puppy imprinting with basic commands. They are teaching her to learn cause we all know that once a dog learns to learn, they blossom and she's is a very fast learner. Competitors, working homes, and active lifestyle welcome with this girl. She has the ingredients to do special things and she will look incredible doing those things. DRPs personal favorite and all around highest quality female of this crew. She could make a great companion for a active family but she could also compete. This girl has preferred markings and structure as well. What separates DRP from the others is that you can actually buy the highest quality pups. They can't keep them all! Her ears are cropped, healed, and standing perfect. She is now ready for her forever journey! Contact the DRP family about her.

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Repeat Breeding Alert 📢


DRP was so pleased with the outcome of the 2020 Thor and Nala pairing that it had to be repeated. They produced an exceptional litter. That 2020 breeding included their keeper Vibez that was personally kept and added into the breeding program of the future.

Nala is the daughter of Jaxx. Jaxx is the Father of Nalas sister, Sayuri aka @brandy_the_pittbull. Thor is the brother of Cerberus aka @brandy_the_pittbull. They share the same mother, Dela.

Cer & Sy are the 1st dogs of this breed in history to win the Cannes Palm dog award, sell out the New Beverly Cinema, walk the Red Carpet, or receive invite & attend the 2020 Beverly Hills Oscar's event/party ⭐

HEALTH HEALTH HEALTH!! Often overlooked is health when searching for canines. DRP guarantees health via contract. Committing to DRPs organic raw food (Olympic k9 raw diners) are recommended for optimal health with these genetics. DRP developed a bull that is structurally correct and physically beautiful without jeopardizing intelligence. STRONG NERVE, STRONG DRIVE, CONFIDENCE, INTELLIGENCE, STAMINA, ENDURANCE, WILLINGNESS TO PLEASE, EAGER TO LEARN, STRONG, POWERFUL, AND ALL WITH A CLEAN HEAVY HEALTHY STRUCTURE. Soft hair, light colored eyes, deep red coats, clean skin pigment, pencil tails, clean feet, clean top lines, HUGE HEADS, and of course muscle on top of muscle. Consistency is key. All of DRPs offspring are truly exceptional. You have to own a DRP to truly understand. DRP is 20 years into this industry and well respected. Pushing 8 generations of our own Blood. The Klosowski Red. DRPs reputation is A+. Ask the other breeder, chances are they can not honestly say the same. Over half of our clients come back for multiple dogs. CLEAN MACHINES. The versatility for home protection & family Companion that other protection breeds don't offer. Excellent Protection Breeds such as the Belgium Malnois are not known to be good house dogs/companions. DRP has developed one of the most versatile breeds on the planet that have the natural aptitude for protection and also excellent house dogs. 

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🎯They're not just dogs, they're a way of life🎯

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