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📽 DRPs current masterpieces 📽



Pups include all current vaccinations, health guarantee, additional health guarantees when committed to their exclusive Athletic K9 raw dinners, buyers agreement, UKC registration certificate (if applicable) , puppy imprinting, socialization, environmental testing, environmental practice, knowledgeable overview of clients canine puppy traits, personal DRP shipping, & Reputable 20 year experienced lifetime partner, coach, trainer, canine nutritionist, and breed expert who caters to their clients, aka DRP family.

We offer free consultations & training demonstrations before client commitment. 

“They’re not just dogs, they’re a way of life.”

*Personal DRP Shipping within USA

- $1000 (East coast)

- $1500 (Midwest)

- $2000 (West Coast) 

*Worldwide shipping available (prices vary)



"A unique place where decades of ethical k-9 breeding, nutrition, and training collide."