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Delaware Red Pitbulls


"A unique place where decades of Ethical K-9 Breeding, Nutrition, and Training collide"

In 2004 Founder Matt Klosowski was determined to create and preserve a specific type of dog to his standards. The goal was always to achieve the best possible refined version similar to the traditional APBT, but with a better purpose than fighting. Matt was always the animal lover. Developing a consistent Bloodline was the vision. Anyone with money can buy 2 good looking dogs from a reputable breeder, breed them, and with a stroke of luck produce a good dog. But identifying great dogs at early ages is a science and requires decades experience. Everyone has different preferences in dogs. Matt believes there is no perfect dog, thats simply a matter of preference. The best looking dog does not translate to best dog. Matt has been diving deep into canine psychology and Training. He realized that breeders can not better their breed over time without testing them. It's impossible. To test dogs, you must be a trainer in order to be capable of identifying desired traits that will be bred into the future pairings of the program. This is what makes DRP stand alone. DRP covers all of the most important components of the breed. They're certified breeders, trainers, and Nutritionist! DRP has raw fed all their dogs for decades before raw feeding recently became a trend. DRP has their very own raw food line. Ask them about it. Great genetics and poor kibble fed Nutrition is unacceptable! GENETICS, TRAINING, AND NATURES CANINE INTENDED DIET is everything. Matt understood this and saw a bigger vision. Matt also understood early that puppy placement is the key to the survival of this breed. What good is a great dog if placed in a bad home? The true ART OF BREEDING is creating consistency and putting them with the right people. Matt knew he must have the ultimate canine athlete also suitable for pleasureable companionship in todays modern times. Matt always had a love for healthy heavy structured bull breeds but understood, with that heavy structure typically sacrifices other important attributes such as agility and stamina. Defying all odds, he created the perfect blend. Matt was raised in a steel city called Claymont outside Philadelphia, a city with no shortage of crime and grit. Claymont is located on the east coast where hard times and crazy people was the norm growing up. Naturally protective dogs were desired by everyone. As a natural animal lover from birth, Matt knew animals was his destiny. That destiny led to creating a protective natured dog thats versatile and safe enough to also  love on children and grandmoms. Kids are also where Matt finds his life joy, so it was only suiting to develop a breed with the DRP versatility. Through decades of meticulous selective breeding and several established generations, Matt developed and refined a heavy structured athletic dog. This Klosowski version of the Pitbull can also breath and work at a ultimate level but cuddle children and grandmothers on holiday events. These are not bullys and do not have bully drives and aptitudes. The Klosowski Red is like nothing else in the world and Matt makes them available to the public! These Klosowski Reds have excellent intelligent working minds with serious natural raw aptitude. They are capable of performing many working tasks such as hunting, personal protection, Scent detection, Diving, competitive weight pulling, wall climbing, swimming, competition obedience, or simply active life companionship. DRP has developed a unique and expressional canine. These unique attributes stem from high intelligence and inquisitive playful nature that is very eager to please their owners. These dogs are needy and loving. It's easy to build trust with needy dogs. Dogs that trust their owners give back in big ways! DRP feels the Klosowski Red versatility is whats makes the Klosowski Red so desired. They're like nothing else! In fact, about half their clients return for multiple DRPs. The Klosowski Red has excellent balance of working prey drive like the traditional APBT and a great defensive drive blend. The art and practice of balance is Matts life dedication, after all Matt is a charted 4x charted Libra  ⚖️ 

Matt has always chose to display all of the truths about the bull breeds. Education is key to owning any powerful breed. Education is the key for being successful in their homes, and for the stability of the breeds future. It's NEVER the dogs fault. Human error creates bad breed reputations. Although this breed and Bull Breeds in general may not be suited for the weak minded, they are a excellent breed choice for many families who understand respect, loyalty, structure, and love. The "pitbull" breeds were the most common American dog breed, recently overtaken by the French bulldog. That's why you may hear the most about the "pitbulls" in today's media. For every bad "pitbull" story, there are 10s of thousands heart felt "pitbull" stories you didnt see.. Of course the media doesn't highlight the positive stories. That's what Matt was put on this earth to do! "Pitbull" has become a general umbrella term in todays times. Hence why DRP relentlessly worked for decades creating the Klosowski Red, a breed based off the APBT. Matt doesnt like to use the APBT clarification for his unique breed out of respect for the ole timers who would be insulted by misrepresentation. Although DRP does produce real pitbulls that fit those standards. To compare modern day pitbulls to old school combat pitbulls could be insulting to the forefathers. Understand, that just because a dog resembles the pitbull does not make them the traditional APBT breed. Most breeders who cross breed with the Pitbull produce pups that favor the pitbull physical attributes, but not the same internal traits that cant be seen in pictures.

Although the true combat APBT's are still being bred for dog fighting around the world today, they have been on the decline in recent history. The softer  American Bully breeds have been rising on a strong incline due to their lack of drive and tenacity of the true apbt. This allows easier general ownership, but also gives people the "image" of owning a hard dog. People love to brag about their mean looking dog that will protect their house but most dogs will fold under that real pressure, especially untrained. The bully world is to look that part, the Klosowski Red world is to be that part. Unlike the combat APBT or Klosowski Red, The bully is more of a designer dog that is not bred towards any working ability or function. Typically lacking strong nerve and drives. Weak nerve and drive are undesired traits of unstable and unpredictable temperament. Those weak dogs are fearful. Dogs that unpredictably bite people are often scared. Thats why they bite. Fearful poweful dogs are dangerous dogs in the wrong hands. Matt breeds for stong nerve and confidence. To each their own preference for the APBT, Bully, or Klosowski Red. No matter what the preference, health should always be 1st consideration. DRP has developed exceptional healthy canines for 2 decades and that is priceless to those who hold high standard.

The Klosowski red was, is, and always will be pure passion for DRP and that is what separates them from the millions of other people claiming to be breeders. DRP is generational with kids on deck to take over. We have semen stored for decades to come. A mans money and ego destroys breeds. DRP ensures a great quality of life for their dogs. They believe optimal canine quality of life over generations is embedded into the dogs genetics. They are coming up on 10 generations and 20 years into spoiling their dogs with healthy lifestyles, Nature's intended Diets, and organically intended ways of life. They are devoted to breeding only the absolute best U.K.C  Working-Performance-Companion-Sport Bulls of the past & present while incorporating their very own standards.

At DRP, they not only breed healthy quality dogs but their dogs are family. They are not a puppy mill operation and operate on a small quality scale. Their dogs play with children, go to beaches, boating, swimming, travel the world, and are allowed in the homes as part of the family. They not only advocate the breed but also the "Way Of Life" associated with this breed. They strive to educate the public and guide buyers to choose the best fit, even if its recommending another breed or directing them to rescue.

Our Dedication to Quality

The DRP program was officially established in 2004 with a lifetime of experience with the breed. Our pedigrees stem from OFRN- OLD FAMILY REDS / CAMELOT / HEMPHILL / BOWMANS BASS TRAMP REDBOY/ PATRICK / BOYLES / CASTILLO  / *HEAVY BROOZER BLOOD* (the most successful producer of our time RIP ) however these bloodlines continue to be pushed further back into history as DRP is currently decades into their program. Matt name fills up whole pedigree charts. They own/feed almost 10 generations of their own stock. The Klosowski bloodline aka Klosowski Red Dog aka the Brandy-line.


They breed for working-Sport dogs and family companions. Dogs that are affectionate but can also possess a sensitive but intelligent ON and OFF switch for protecting their loved ones, or simply chillin on the couch for movie night. Breedings are paired for 17" - 20" height, girthy, compact, muscular structure, athletic 50-80lbs eye candy dogs that are capable of hunting, Personal Protection, scent detection, weight pulling, dock diving, just about any working- sport task they are asked to perform. Colors will always be shades of Red, Red/White, occasional white, and the sought after Buckskin. All always have a Red Nose. 

If you are interested in what these trailblazers are producing, it's highly suggested you do not hesitate in contacting them. Start their approval process and see if you qualify! Place a deposit to reserve your puppy on any current pups or any upcoming breedings today!

Due to endless research and meticulous selective breeding at DRP,  they pride on providing a refined  unique style of canine, but also educating each possible client so they completely understand what they're acquiring. DRP and many other people around the world believe the Klosowski Red is genetically superior and advanced. Their merits and dedication speak for itself. The most beautiful and versatile breed on the planet! Go see why! If you are looking to purchase a superior and truly special family member, you have completed your search!

DRP is not in direct competition with any other entity. They simply aim to produce some of the most self gratifying canines being produced anywhere today. Your interest is greatly appreciated at Delaware Red Pitbulls. They hope to provide you the highest quality canine and service behind the canine being offered anywhere in the world today. They will leave their name in the history books with some of the great dog men who paved the path for them.