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"You can't afford not too!"

All Raw dog food is NOT the same!

Ever wonder what really goes into your dogs processed bagged kibble? If you really knew you would NEVER buy kibble for your loved one again! This is not a scare tactic, it's scary facts. The most common canine health problems are directly related to diet. Canines health starts in the gut, as in humans as well. Look at the first few ingredients on your dog food bag. Does it say chicken meal? Beef meal? Any meal?Google what "MEAL" really is.  Kibble and Meal are like McDonald's for dogs. Can us humans survive off McDonald's? Yes, but most people of all genetic codes will have health issues later in life. McDonald's is not our natural intended diet. Also, Don't know about you but when eating McDonald's, we feel terrible directly after eating it. Unhealthy food causes unhealthy body and mind. (If you really want to be grossed out and know the Truths of kibble, there are many increasing case studies and educational information readily available about processed dog kibble. Check them out for yourself, don't just take their 20 years experience and word for it.

There are raw prey kibble that has hit the market in recent years such as orijen or acana which are some of the high end kibble in the pets stores today. Even these expensive big name fancy bagged foods are processed and not optimal. These fancy new raw kibbles may have you believing there is not a reason to switch to true raw diet, but DRP strongly disagrees, ask them why. DRP also prioritizes convenience. You can spend $4-$5 per lb for high end kibble or you can spend $5-$7 per lb for Athletic K9 raw dog dinners delivered to your front door right from farm to meat grinder. Fresh and organic every time. Their clients also get free advice and consultations from DRPs certified nutritionists to ensure optimal diet success. Give your dog their natural intended diet with confidence!

Our dogs are more than just dogs, they are family members. Family members deserve optimal diet so they can live a better quality of life. Ultimately, when our pet lives a higher quality of life, so does the owner. DRP & Athletic K9 raw dog food company has taken all the guess work out of optimal canine nutrition for you. They have been researching and testing diligently for the past 20 years (40 combined) to bring you optimal diet. They also make it convenient with personally local delivery and or USA shipping on dry ice. DRP is certified in Canine Nutrition and now partnered with Athletic K9 Raw Diet to share this wealth with you, and Ultimately save you vet $ bills $! They honesty believe they can make this world a better place starting with our favorite and most desired pet, the canine! 

"You can't afford not to!"


A RAW diet makes for a Happy Healthy Pet

Facts and Information 

Cancer is the leading cause of death in pet cats and dogs in the United States. As many as 50% of pets die of cancer. An estimated 6,000,000 dogs and nearly 6,000,000 cats will be diagnosed with cancer this year.

- Paws and Claws


Learning that feeding raw food diet can increase your dog's lifespan by as much as three years – potentially a quarter of your dog's natural lifespan – should be incentive enough to consider making the switch to raw.

- Modern Kibble