Klosowski's/ "Naga Jolokia"

*Direct Loki Daughter
DOB 12/04/2017
Height 17"
Weight 55lbs

Klosowski's/ Arya

Jaxx x Savina created Arya
DOB 3/7/2019
Weight 50lbs
Height 17"

Klosowski's/ White Geisha

Jaxx x Geisha created Sayuri

Mother of Sayuri (Brandy)
DOB - 07/23/2014
18" Height 65 lbs
UKC registered


Klosowski's/ Memoirs of a Geishas' "Sayuri"

*Direct White Geisha Daughter
U.K.C registered
Jaxx X White Geisha offspring

This girl is a live wire and moves like a cat! Clean feet, clean front end, massive rear, pencil tail, perfect bite, clean tight mouth, signature head, straight top line, green eyes, extreme drive, etc, etc. Exactly what we love here at DRP.
The perfect blend of physical and mental attributes of her parents!!
3 year old Sayuri & Cerberus, American Pit Bull Terriers, made their film debut July 26th, 2019 in Quentin Tarantino's 9th film "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood" starring Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. They are owned by Claymont Delaware native and breeder Matt Klosowski.
DOB - 5/22/2016

55 lbs * 18 " height


Klosowski's/ Dela

Retired / Dela remains on website for educational purposes only

Gator x Dela created Cerberus
Dela is the heart and soul of our program and consistently PRODUCED working dogs. She is the queen demanding respect. Dela has heart and drive that could please any Bull breed fancier. Dela's offspring are proven workers. She is no little girl either, she is 70lbs of clean girth.
U.K.C registered
Mother of Cerberus (Brandy)
DOB - 12/28/2011

70 lbs * 20" height

Klosowski's/ Red Savina

Sister of Sayuri( Brandy)

World's Smallest American Working Red Dog

DOB - 8/3/2017
35 lbs * 15" height


DRP's/ Savina 🌶 *3rd generation
Loki ⚔ White Geisha
35-40lbs of 🔥

Savina has a Bully structure & certainly a very unique Red Dog. We have yet to see another Red dog or Blue dog of her small size, clean bully structure, with the hard Drive & Wind of the apbt. Savina is a sweet girl who doesn't display animal aggression like the apbt, but she she does naturally chase and catch. One may assume she wouldn't move well or last long with that stocky structure but she swims, climbs cliffs, hangs from ropes, loves the flirt pole, & even has a natural deep bite- dig on the sleeve.

🧬Savina also produced offspring such as our "Arya- 50lbs" who also has very hard Drive. Call Savina whatever you may but we call her perfect in her own unique way. She could improve any Bully program but we have her exclusive.
The ultimate small dog...

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