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Delaware Red Pitbulls

Tier 4 - Brandy The Pitbull TM Masters Degree

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Klosowski’s “Brandy the Pitbull” Masters Package


BTP masters package is the most elite unique form of k9 training available today. This package is not simply training, its building the absolute Top Dog from the ground up. BTP package is a full life long term form of ART to bring each client the ultimate experience of owning their very own Brandy the Pitbull ™ applying the same techniques as Brandy's Owners/ Trainers/ Breeders/ Nutritionists.

Course Outline

  • Semester 1:  4 Months Board  (1) Home
  • Semester 2:  2 Month  Board  (1) Home
  • Semester 3:  2 Month Board    (1) Home
  • Semester 4:  1 Month finals     (graduation)


  • Once Bachelors Degree is completed (tier 3 training), Trainers will incorporate Masters Skills Agreed Upon in Orientation for The Dogs Overall Goals
  • LIVE Video Monitoring in Living Quarters (Client Keeps Doggy Cam upon Completion)
  • Custom Luxury Board/ Routine
  • (4) In Home Visits During Training
  • (2) In Home Visits within 1 Year Upon Completion of Program
  • Unlimited Phone Conferences for Life
  • Training Equipment Included (Leashes, Collars, Treats. etc)
  • Elite Personal Protection Introduction (custom goals decided at orientation and consultation)
  • Maintenance Revival (In-Home / Board if needed) within 2 years upon completion 
  • Full Training Process Video Diary to Assure progress and well being of canine.
  • Discounted Olympic K9 Organic Dog Food For Life of Canine - Recommended
  • Documented Swim Training, and Daily Beach Visits, Boat Rides
  • 1st Considerations for Hollywood Film Opportunities that may arise (if interested)
  • Completion Graduation/ Diploma 
  • Highlighted on all DRP Platforms  (optional)

K-9 Training Agreement form Download Here