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Delaware Red Pitbulls
Current Breedings


*** BORN APRIL 12TH 2019!***

🎯🤤 We wasted no time after Cerberus returned back to us from Hollywood filming!
 Both Cer & Geisha bring very strong nerve, drive, wind, bite, intelligence & pedigree. Flashy markings consistently throughout this entire litter. All pups very strong right from birth with zero flaws. This one will be for the history books here @ DRP🤤 🎯

Cerberus x Sayuri (The Brandy Breeding)
Pups born August 16th and ready for their forever homes October 2019! The iconic Breeding of a Lifetime!

🎬 Extremely proud & grateful to officially announce that we have 10 healthy Brandy puppies from the breeding of a lifetime. This is a Breeding that will go down in history for this breed. 2 exceptionally intelligent working minded bulls who were capable of performing many tasks for Hollywood. 2 dogs labeled as the highlight of a great modern day cinema production with a true all star cast. We are extremely flattered that our Sayuri/ Cerberus won the movies only award @ 2019s Cannes Film Festival in France! 🎬

🦴If you are a dog lover & haven't went to watch Quentin Tarantino's "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood", it's a absolute MUST SEE!! 🦴

❤We truly appreciate all the love we are receiving on a worldwide platform.
Stay tuned for daily Brandy & kids updates!!❤

⭐1 Male & 1 Female will be Available to the public⭐

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🎯They're not just dogs, they're a way of life🎯


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