Males/ Studs

Klosowski's / Cerberus

🎥 Klosowski's/Cerberus aka @brandy_the_pittbull & Living Legend 🎥

Gator x Dela created Cerberus

🎈D.O.B - 8/6/2017🎈

🎬 Weight 75lbs  Height 20"

🧨You can call Cerberus APBT, you can call Cerberus a Klosowski Red dog...🧨

Cer is a Big fish in a Small pond. A true superior athletic & intelligent Canine. Extreme Drives, Superior Pride, Confidence, and Nerves that any seasoned dog fancier can admire.

🎥 UKC/ ADBA registered
















Red Jaxx

Jaxx x Geisha created Sayuri
Jaxx is Brandy's Dad
UKC registered
D.O.B 6/15/2014
75lbs * 18" height


Klosowski's/ Boo Dogg 

Brandy's son 

#DRP has some incredible Studs but none quite like Boo. This boy has the most incredible On & Off switch. He's got Great balanced defensive/prey drive. You may see Bully but this is no Bully dog. Boo is agile, intense, versatile, obedient, & he can breath‼️ Not only is young Bull the son of a Legend, he is also a excellent example of the #KlosowskiRed dog. Boo Dogg is reproducing improved clones his mom, Sayuri. Boo is truly a Next Level 5th generation #Studdog


UKC registered
D.O.B - 2/27/2018
75lbs * 18" height