Klosowski's / Cerberus

🎥 Klosowski's/Cerberus aka @brandy_the_pittbull & Living Legend 🎥

Gator x Dela created Cerberus

🎈D.O.B - 8/6/2017🎈

🎬 Weight 75lbs  Height 20"

🧨You can call Cerberus APBT, you can call Cerberus Working Red dog...🧨

Cer is a Big fish in a Small pond. A true superior athletic & intelligent Canine. Extreme Drives, Superior Pride & Confidence that any seasoned dog fancier can admire.

🎥 UKC/ ADBA registered
















Red Jaxx

Jaxx x Geisha created Sayuri
Jaxx is Brandy's Dad
UKC registered
D.O.B 6/15/2014
70lbs * 17" height


Klosowski's/ Boo Dog 

Brandy's son 

Boo is the rising star here at DRP. Son of a legendary Canine but creating his own legacy. 2021 is Boo dogs year to shine. Boo is producing next level offspring. He is also producing pups that look like his mother Sayuri. The genes run very strong. Boo is a very mentally and physically balanced 5th generation DRP stud. Boy makes his DRP extremely proud and grateful 🙏

UKC registered
D.O.B - 2/27/2018
70lbs * 18" height