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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Pitbull, Brandy

3 year old Sayuri & Cerberus, American Pit Bull Terriers, made their film debut on July 26th, 2019 in Quentin Tarantino's new movie "Once Upon A Time in Hollywood" starring Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. They are owned by Wilmington native and breeder Matt Klosowski of Delaware Red Pitbulls.

Delaware Red Pitbulls’ very own Klosowski's Sayuri made her film debut this summer playing beloved Pitbull Brandy from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. In a film that follows the tale of actor Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt), it’s only suiting that Delaware Red Pitbulls’ Cerberus plays Sayuri's stunning stunt double in the movie.

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood's Brandy

Becoming Brandy: Sayuri’s Path to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Step 1 was meeting with great trainers from an agency that trains animals for Hollywood production.

Step 2 was testing & agreeing to what we all thought best suited the tasks required.

It was history from there! DRP had the perfect fit as both Sayuri & Cerberus did incredible. So incredible in fact that their performance landed them the 2019 Cannes Film Festival PALM DOG AWARD in France for their outstanding role in the Tarantino’s hit movie. Big shout out to the trainers, they were truly amazing to work with! See the videos below for just a taste of their training to become Hollywood movie stars.

We are honored to have been a part of this experience with a genius movie guru, arguably the best of our time. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is another Tarantino classic movie from the best, with the best! See our Press page for more details including rave reviews of Sayuri’s award winning performance in the film.


A Future in Hollywood

Sayuri has now also been cast in the upcoming horror film Run Sweetheart, Run by Blumhouse Productions, the production company behind Insidious, The Purge, and Paranormal Activity

Yes this is a big deal for us here at Delaware Red Pitbulls, but this is much bigger than just us: this a huge win for this misunderstood, incredible, and versatile breed as a whole. Congrats Sayuri!

At Delaware Red Pitbulls we also produced her parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and several close relatives to Brandy (Sayuri). Our program is our passion. We have 15+ years of blood, sweat, and tears devoted to our program and currently into our 6th generation of stock.

About Delaware Red Pitbulls

Delaware Red Pitbulls, Brandy, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

This is pure passion for us and that is what separates us from most breeders. A man's money and ego destroys this breed. We are blessed to own multiple businesses that allows and ensures a great quality of life for our dogs. We are devoted to breeding only the absolute best U.K.C / A.D.B.A Working-Performance Sport American Pit Bull Terriers/ Working Red Dogs of the past & present incorporating our very own standards.

Here at DRP, we not only breed healthy quality dogs but our dogs are family. We are not a puppy mill operation and operate on a small quality scale. Our dogs here play with our children, go to parks, go boating-swimming, and are allowed in our home as part of the family. We not only advocate the breed but also the "Way Of Life" associated with this breed. We strive to educate the public and guide buyers to choose the best fit for their home, even if its recommending another breed or rescue.

There's a fine line between a breeder and a dog man...but let there be no confusion between the two! A breeder is someone who breeds dogs that are off of the most popular in the dog game...a dog man holds no weight to what people deem most popular...a breeder will breed dogs according to what will bring the most profit..A dog man breeds to get closer to his vision of making a magnificent animal. To represent his line or brand etc! Breeders will come and go like the seasons a dog man isn't effected by time...time isn't important...a dog man only truly competes with himself!


Videos of "Brandy" from
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Klosowski's/Cerberus Dog Hollywood Filming Camera Prep

Klosowski's/Sayuri Dog Hollywood Movie Training

Klosowski's/Cerberus Dog Hollywood Movie Training

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