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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood's Brandy

Becoming Brandy: Sayuri’s Path to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Step 1 was meeting with great trainers from an agency that trains animals for Hollywood production.

Step 2 was mutually testing & agreeing to what we all thought best suited the tasks required.

It was history from there! DRP had the perfect fit for Tarantino as both Sayuri & Cerberus did incredible. So incredible in fact that their performance landed them the 2019 Cannes Film Festival PALM DOG AWARD in France for their outstanding role in the Tarantino’s hit movie. Big shout out to the trainers, they were truly amazing to work with! See the videos for just a taste of their training to become Hollywood movie stars.

We are honored to have been a part of this experience with a genius movie guru, arguably the best of our time. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is another Tarantino classic movie from the best, with the best! See our Press page for more details including rave reviews of Sayuri’s award winning performance in the film.


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