The Benefits of Feeding Raw Food Over Kibble

The Benefits of Feeding Raw Food Over Kibble


The Benefits of Feeding Raw Food Over Kibble

With this diet and a healthy gut, your dog will thrive a lot longer at three extra years of life. The nutrients fed to your dog with Olympic K-9 develop a healthy brain development, and the Omega-3s and the Omega-6 are the fatty acids inside Olympic Canine Raw Dog Food.

Here at Delaware Red Pitbulls and KC K-9, An Olympic, we have completely eliminated processed food from our dogs. Over those three decades or those three generations of raw feeding are beneficial. If you're interested in a puppy, we have puppies completely raw-fed for generations.

Can you mix Kibble and Raw together for feeding?

Here at Olympic K-9, we don't suggest that you do, but if you have your dog on dry kibble, you should wean your dog off.

If you're feeding your dog kibble, so you want to do 60/40 blend, you want to blend 40 percent of the dog's dry kibble with 60% of the dog's raw and then slowly wean them off with the dry kibble. 

When do you start feeding raw?

Once the mother is done with the puppies at between three or four weeks, it's best that you start your dog on an Olympic K-9 Raw Diet so the dog can thrive for the rest of his life and that the Olympic Canine Raw Dog Food dinners are all life stages starting with three-week-old puppies all the way up at the scene. 

For the first time in 2021, we started weaning our puppies as we did litter, and instead of going and buying canned food and goat's milk, weaning our puppies onto kibble. So instead, now, what we do is wean them right from three-four weeks old right onto Olympic, mix it up with a bit of goat's milk, and then they're on raw food from the minute they can eat food.

As a breeder, it makes it easy to clean up because the stool when you feed raw food is very tight and clean, and it's a lot more sanitary when it comes to a whole puppy and litter and everything. So the full-cycle benefits are pretty much there, but we like to start our puppies now. We do all litters, full raw right from the jump, and we found many benefits. 

Don't you think that isn't that bad for the puppy?

The gut biome and the dog are completely different. Here in Delaware, we want to humanize canines all the time. We want to give them human qualities. We want to compare them to humans. 

Your dog's poop it's going to be cleaner and tighter. It's not going to smell as bad. You will be grateful that you gave your dog a raw diet because it's easier to clean up. After all, it's natural. What is your digestive system? It's a waste-removing system. The body uses everything they're getting the nutrients from the actual food itself and not the kibble, so when you have kibble, it's got all of the preservatives, all that other stuff, and it's going to come out in their waste. It's going to stink, and it's going to be messy, and it's going to be gross, but when they're getting all that nutrients from the food, basically it's just coming out and sometimes looks like powder which means it's too much protein by the way. So throw that out there, but it comes; it's just a tighter form and cleaner. 

Do not mix raw and kibble because they digest at a different rate.

Kibble is processed a little faster, and kibble is a little slower. So, if the dog eats kibble and then raw, the kibble can hold that digestive track upholding the raw in there longer, which can pose a little hazard. You don't want to risk it, and you don't want to risk twisting your puppy or your dog's stomach up.

The most important thing is that you’re choosing what keeps your pet happy and healthy. Check out our Olympic Canine Raw Dog Food.