How to Purchase Puppy/ Frequently asked Questions


STEP 1: Fill out & submit their puppy application. Puppy application can be found on our Home page.

STEP 2: Review our DRP Agreement 

STEP 3: Call or text Matt so he can better understand your preferences. DRP will relentlessly evaluate pups from your breeding of choice to help you find the absolute best mental and physical compatibility.

STEP 4: If approved, they will help with completing DRP agreement contract. 

STEP 5: Securing your puppy by placing a deposit. Deposit only applies if puppy is unborn or under 8 weeks of age. Buyers reservation deposit will be applied towards the total purchase price ( total puppy pricing range 5k-20k). If puppy is over 8 weeks of age, he or she will already have set pricing. Pricing is determined by overall desired traits, both physical and mental. DRP specializes in Evaluation. If pup is over 8 weeks of age, buyer can be pay in full or pay 1/2 to secure pup and remaining 1/2 at time of delivery.

STEP 6: Delivery arrangements

STEP 7: Welcome to the DRP family!




Q. How much does a DRP puppy cost?

A. DRP pups start at 5k and do not typically exceed 20k


Q. Why place deposit before puppies are born?

A. The benefits of placing early reservation deposits is to secure a puppy from the breeding you prefer. Selected breedings may offer lower pricing for early reservations as well. Late reservations by the buyer can occasional result in being moved to a future breeding as result of small litters. Breedings are also subject to sell out before birth and/or shortly after birth. Puppy availability is based on order of deposit. Shortly after pups are born, DRP will set the price of each pup accordingly. Deposit reservations allow more choosing options.


Q. How do they transport my puppy if I am not local?

A. DRP offers personal door to door shipping anywhere in the United States and some of Canada. DRPs founder still prefers personal DRP in house transport. This provides a personal level of relationship and warranted safety. They also offering sub contracted ground transport and airline options. Some clients hire thier own shipping carrier as well. DRP is very flexible for your transport preference.


Q. Why are DRPs prices higher than the adverage breeder?

A. DRP sets prices based on Value. Health, Aptitude, Intelligence, Ability, Quality, Consistency, Proven merits, etc. Their dogs also live a higher quality of life and that directly reflects within thier genetics. DRP has provided canines superior to Market standards for the past 2 decades. They provide foundation stock canines that are capable of creating breeding programs anywhere in the world. Their Bloodline preserves the quality standards desired world wide, standards increasingly harder to find.


Q. Does DRP offer financing?

A. Yes. DRPs primary concern is Loving and Structured homes.
DRP accepts credit card and sometimes can offer in house financing payment options, under contract. 


Q. What makes DRP elite?

A. Passion, Dedication, Love, Commitment, Reputation, Breed Knowledge, Experience, Advocacy, Consistency, Proven Genetics, willingness to help, and endless continuous researching. They understand all dog men are students and their is no place for Ego. DRPs connection to their animals and bloodline runs deep. Their program is founded and Operated by a Dog man, not just a breeder. 


Q. How can we trust DRP? 

A. DRP is 5 star rated which is unheard of in this industry. They specialize in working with high profile clients such as athletes, business moguls, actors, etc. The APBT community is notoriously known for Hate, Jealousy, and EGO. Too much ego causes destroys breeds. Understand, most breeders are in it for the wrong reasons. Breeding solely for money with no empathy for their animals. DRP has always stayed drama free since building their brand. They specialize in Positive Branding and positive Vibes. Most of their clients return for multiple dogs and send prideful updates daily throughout their DRPs life. DRP exceeds expectations with every breeding and you will not find anything negative about them. Trust the blood but most importantly, trust the breeder!

Feel free to call, text, or email with any further questions!