How to Purchase Puppy/ Frequently asked Questions


STEP 1: Fill out & submit their puppy application. Puppy application can be found on their Home page menu tab.

STEP 2: Review their DRP Buyer Agreement 

STEP 3: Call, Email, or text Matt so he can work with you to better understand your preferences. This ensures you receive the absolute best mental and physical compatibility.

STEP 4: Upon approval, complete and submit the DRP agreement form found on the main menu tab.

STEP 5: Securing your puppy by placing a deposit. Deposit only applies if puppy is younger than 8 weeks of age. This reservation deposit will be applied towards the total purchase price. If puppy is over 8 weeks of age, buyer has the option to pay for puppy in full or pay 1/2 to secure and remaining 1/2 balance at time of delivery/pick up.

STEP 6: Delivery arrangements

STEP 7: Welcome to the DRP family!

"A unique place where decades of Ethical K-9 Breeding, Nutrition, and Training collide"

"They're not just dogs, they're a way of life"




Q. How much does a Klosowski Red puppy cost?

A. Klosowski Red pups start at 5k and do not typically exceed 20k. Although there are always circumstancial exceptions.


Q. Why does DRP prefer to keep puppies until they're a few months of age before selling to the public when most breeders are pushing pups out at 8 weeks old?

A. There are many benefits to DRP holding pups up until the few month age mark of maturity. Puppies are puppies until 1 year old. DRP believes 6 months old is the best age for clients to bring their puppy home. Yes baby 8 week old pups are cute but who wants to deal with all that mess?! Ask yourself, What is the benefit of bringing home the 8 week old pup vs the breeder/ trainer/ pups mom devoloping the pup for you ? None. The problem with the pitbull in todays world is the wrong dogs go to the wrong homes. Working caliber dogs in companion homes and vice versa. The wrong fit is a top reason bull breeds flood rescues. It's #1 priority and responsibility to the breed here at DRP to fully evaluate puppies a little longer so that we can better understand each puppies personality and temperament to better educate clients. Puppies optimal learning ages start at about 5 months of age. DRP are not just breeders, they're also certified trainers and nutritionists. Breeders who are not trainers absolutely do not understand what to evaluate to better their future breed. Most breeders, especially with the pitbull are Blind breeders who decrease the qaulity of the blood over time. By keeping pups until at least 4 months of age allows DRP to better understand their bloodlines which translates to better client compatability and owner success.  Clients benefit in many other ways as well. DRP starts imprinting all pups at 6 weeks old and Training on manors and obedience until released. DRP builds confidence, cognitive learning, food manors, nail clipping, environmental challenges, socialization and much more through vigorous testing. Puppies get more nurturing time with their mom and aunts. DRP finds the best diet needs of each pup so clients dont have to. DRP has healthy proactive housing systems that allow comfort to pups and DRP staff. DRP has no urgency to push pups out for fast sales at 8 weeks of age. To most breeders, pups become harder and more expensive to care for once they hit about 6 weeks of age so naturally breeders want them gone asap. Thats good for the breeder, bad for the breed. DRP prefers to spend the extra $ and time to better the future of their bloodline. Keeping pups is not harder for DRP, it's neccessary and they love the challenge of deeply understanding each individual pup. It's the passion. These extra things that DRP does for their clients, other breeders simply don't. It is what seperates DRP from the rest of them and also why DRP stands the test of time while the others come and go...


Q. Why place deposit before puppies are born?

A. Some benefit of placing your early reservation deposit is to secure a puppy from the breeding you prefer. Select breedings may offer a lower total price for early reservation. Late reservations and/or waiting until puppy is of age to leave (8 weeks old) are subject to missing availability. Or missing that perfect puppy you had your eye on early that should not have got away. Select breedings are subject to have limited availability to the public so early reservation could get you into exclusive breedings that may not be available later. Some breedings sell out before birth and/or shortly after birth. Puppy availability is typically based on order of deposit, early reservations are first consideration. DRP will evaluate and set the price of each individual puppy starting at 2-4 weeks of age using strategic methods adopted over their 20 years experience with the Klosowski Bloodline. Price is determined by which puppy best represents the Klosowski Red standard, ability, and ultimately their legacy.


Q. How do they transport my puppy if I am not local?

A. DRP offers personal door to door shipping anywhere in the United States and some of Canada. DRPs founder Matt still prefers personal DRP transport. This provides a personal level of relationship and warranted maximum safety. They also offering sub contracted ground transport and airline options. Some clients hire their own shipping carrier as well. DRP is very flexible for your transport preference.


Q. Why are DRPs prices higher than the adverage breeder?

A. DRP sets prices based on Value, Exclusive Blood created there and not found anywhere else in the world. Their Exclusive service behind your puppy is world class. Health is always #1 standard at DRP. The Klosowski Reds Natural Aptitude and Intelligence is superior. Advanced Ability evolved through generations of meticulous selective Breeding, Training, and Nutrition. Quality, CONSISTENCY, Proven merits, etc etc The list that merits their pricing is endless. The Klosowski Red dogs have lived a higher quality of life for many generations which directly reflects their genetics. DRP has provided canines superior to Market standards for the past 2 decades. They are the source for foundation stock canines that could create breeding programs, except the Klosowski Red is not priced for typical breeders to aquire. This is just one aspect of many that keeps the Klosowski Red Exclusive. Their Bloodline preserves the quality world wide standards man and women desire most, standards that have become increasingly more rare with each year that passes.


Q. Does DRP offer financing?

A. Yes. DRPs primary concern is Loving and Structured homes.
DRP accepts credit card and sometimes offers in house financing payment options, under contract. They hold registration certificates until paid in full.


Q. What makes DRP elite?

A. Passion, Dedication, Love, Commitment, Reputation, Breed Knowledge, Experience, Advocacy, CONSISTENCY, Proven healthy Genetics, exception service behind each canine, willingness to help, and endless- continuous researching. They understand all dog men are students and their is no place for Ego. Their is no perfect dog and no man mastered the dog. Dogmen practice like lawyers and doctors. DRPs connection to their animals and bloodline is extremely deep. Their program is founded and Operated by a Dog man, not just a breeder. 


Q. How can we trust DRP? 

A. DRP has been 5 star rated for 2 decades which is unheard of in the dog industry. They specialize in working with high profile clients such as athletes, business moguls, actors, etc. The pitbull community is notoriously known for Hate, Jealousy, and mostly EGO. Matt decided 20 years ago that's what DRP would not be. Too much Ego destroys breeds. Understand, most breeders are in it for the wrong reasons. Breeding solely for money and ego with no empathy for the animals. DRP specializes in Positive Branding and positive Vibes. Most of their clients return for multiple dogs. DRP exceeds expectations with families daily and you will not find any reason not to trust them. Trust the blood but most importantly, trust the breeder.

Feel free to call, text, or email with any further questions!