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Delaware Red Pitbulls

Tier 2 - Associates Degree

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*** Associates Degree Package***

  • 2 Months
  • Once basic skills from Tier #1 are in place Trainer will work to incorporate Associate skills into real-life scenarios, for example: Sit-Stay as a door is opened; Remain in command while passing another dog. Etc.
  • Trainer may take Dog to locations other than the training facility but appropriate to achieve training goals.
  • On-Leash introduction to Off-Leash (recall off leash with distractions)
  • Associates Level Environmental Training
  • Associates Level of Imprinting
  • Weekly Pictures and Videos to Assure progress and well being of canine.
  • Extended Dual Command “Relaxed” & “Serious” 
  • Training Equipment Included (Leashes, Collars, Treats. etc)
  • Daily Phone Follow- Ups for 3 Months after completion 
  • 1 in home training session
  • Professional help upon receiving your canine always within a timely manner.

K-9 Training Agreement form Download Here