Since the beginning of human existence, human has shared this world with animals. One of these animals was the wolf. Over time, man figured out how to domesticate these wolves and selectively breed their physical & mental attributes to protect, serve, and be companions with humans. All dog breeds originate from the wolf.

Centuries later humans continue to selectively breed dogs for specific functions. Australian cattle dogs work with farmers. German Shepard's and Belgium Malinois dogs work with military. Alaskan Husky's work sled pulling. Labradors work with hunters for retrieval.

American Pit Bull Terriers

Humans continue to work with dogs for obvious beneficial reasons. The American Pit Bull Terrier is no different, but has one of the most complex histories of any breed. Originally bred for extreme combat prey drive to excel in the box, "dog fighting". Those "game" breeders have selectively bred these bulldog-terrier crossed dogs for fighting over the past few centuries, they created a breed like no other. The APBT developed into the deepest willed dogs of any breed. The breed's determination, drive, and will to not give up is like no other breed. Although the sport of dog fighting is still legal in many countries, it is not accepted here in the USA or at Delaware Red Pitbulls.

With the characteristics of the original combat APBT, also stays characteristics that are much more useful in today's times for different reasons like dog sports. Here at DRP, we develop and preserve a breed that to some is still classified APBT, but has evolved into something even more special that's similar to the original APBT standard but better suited for more humane function. The American dog breeding association registry has renamed this out of standard breed to the  "American Working Red Dog" due to it being bred out of traditional APBT standard. Not necessarily to be mistaken with cross breeding, just a different desired selection of stock for breeding.

The United Kennel Club registry continues to classify this breed APBT for now. These are recent history changes in recent times. The worlds biggest pitbull "HULK" triggered these changes because the hulk is a mixed breed dog to far out of standard. The registrations said enough is enough and drew the line. About a  decade ago, DRP instantly fell in love with the possibilities of this non-traditional standard breeding without cross breeding. The best of both worlds approach.