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Meet the couple shinning a new spotlight on the vastly misunderstood, and inaccurately stigmatized nature of Pit Bulls.


"Leaders of the pack" 



During the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, Sayuri—the widely recognized Brandy the Pitbull from Quentin Tarantino’s, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood—was the recipient of the Wamiz Palm Dog Award for Best Canine Performance; an award accepted personally by Tarentino himself. Not only did Sayuri reveal herself as an attractive award-worthy co-star to Brad Pitt’s stunt double sidekick to Leonardo DiCaprio in the film, she also demonstrated through build and temperament why she was chosen for such a part. And because Sayuri put on the performance that she had, the Wamiz Palm Dog Award is coming back to the United States! Born and raised on the East Coast, this famous Pit Bull came to the screen by way of a couple well known their involvement in professional Pit Bull breeding, Matt and Monique Klosowski.


Born in Claymont, Delaware, a division of the city of Wilmington, thirty-seven-year-old Matt Klosowski evolved in his life through a series of trials and tribulations, rising to become the quintessential serial entrepreneur that he is today. The founder of multiple businesses, and based out of Delaware, Matt is a hard-working family man, who gives so much of his time to the several businesses he owns. His dedication to both family and business is so much of a commitment, that his notable endurance to give what remains to the professional breeding and raising of Pit Bulls can be considered nothing short of a life passion; something he has devoted himself to over the course of the past 20 years. Working relentlessly to erase the negative stigma given to Pit Bulls and dog breeding in general, Matt applies what many can consider strategic methods and approaches to raising the highest movie-quality version of Pit Bull by employing techniques such as the use of psychology, and paying close attention to the lineage and natural considerations of his dogs; something he refers to as meticulous selective breeding. It’s not just the attention to detail in dieting needs and den construction, but also the focus on strict behavioral training that has these dogs so well bred and raised.


Breeding Pit Bulls so meticulously, Matt has shown that this practice represents much more of a lifestyle to him than anything else. And because he is so passionate in his work, he has turned out such a high-quality Pit Bull that several hundred families have come from throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe to offer a new home to these dogs. But as arbitrary as the word home may sound, it is nothing of the sort, as Matt also shows a very methodical level of selection in choosing the right family for each and every Pit Bull he raises, ensuring that they possess a particular level of education about these dogs, and even that there be a dominant alpha presence in the home; something that a person should possess when raising such a strong-willed breed. Because while these affectionate and gentle dogs can demonstrate a tremendous tenderness, their response to a dominant personality is important, and this is something that Matt embodies while raising Pit Bulls.


A native of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, thirty-eight-year-old Monique Klosowski relocated to the East Coast nearly ten years ago, which is where she would meet her future husband, Matt. Battling through not one, but two cancer diagnoses’ and an autoimmune disorder (Hashimoto’s disease), no series of struggles has won in defining her. Though Monique has endured her share of setbacks, she finds strength in family, the upkeep of their businesses, and through a devotion to working with Matt, breeding Pit Bulls; each of these areas of her life an achievement of their own. Impassioned by the art and beauty of things in life, she brings balance to the couple’s practice of responsible breeding and raising Pit Bulls, much through her focus on standards. Like her favorite movie, and the inspiration for Sayuri’s name—Memoirs of a Geisha—she focuses on an art of control in maintaining those critical aspects of their breeding practice, and acting as an ambassador for ethical standards by use of positive alternatives like organic materials, quality healthcare, and even positive re-branding the grossly misinterpreted Pit Bull.


Both Matt and Monique Klosowski have given an extended level of sacrifice and commitment to raising Pit Bulls professionally, never relenting in their level of care or standards, even when the peril of weak financial markets and slow times for the businesses threatened to provide them with less food on their own table. And though at times they would struggle, capitulation was never an option when together the two not only run a series of businesses, as well as a Pit Bull breeding practice, but they also remain the glue to a family that includes four teenagers, as well as caring for Monique’s mother, who lives with the couple as she suffers through her own series of health complications. Tough times may come, but Matt believes that their focus on what they love keeps the two engaged, and without relenting, they continue to make it through those challenging phases of life, enduring in their pursuit of ethical breeding and positive branding of something they hold so close to their hearts.


It is because of Matt and Monique’s attention to detail and commitment to raising Pit Bulls that they were able to raise the sought-after Sayuri for her role in the Quentin Tarentino film; a film that has now grossed over $420 million world-wide. In Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Sayuri showed the world something that epitomized characteristics that many hope to have in a dog, and that is a loving and protective nature, but ready to defend when called upon. But the credit for raising and training such a loving and protective natured Sayuri belongs to the couple who makes it their life’s work to show the world that what many know and understand the nature of a Pit Bull to be is much more than the grossly misunderstood breed that it is today.