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Klosowski’s Custom K-9 Training

 "A Unique place where decades of ethical K-9 breeding, nutrition, and training collide"

CUSTOM K-9 Obedience-Personal Protection Board & Train Packages are conveniently set up to optimize your DRP puppy. We understand that there are many trainers to choose from, but just like the DRP’s breeding program, DRP just does things a bit differently. Here at DRP we use innovation and specialize in catering to each one of our clients. We have exclusively trained our puppies for the last 20 years, and have established, what we believe to be, an exceptional bloodline for optimal Canine health, aptitude, versistility, and working temperament. DRP keeps it 100% authentic and with the same integrity that has brought us great success in our program, we cater to our clients individual desires and needs. Our clients have the incredible opportunity to design their own packages that fit their individual goals and life, and during the very 1st orientation, DRP will work relentlessly with you and commit to achieve those goals with the highest level of excellence.

We DO NOT accept other breeds or bloodlines into our exclusive training programs, it has been designed and built around our extensive knowledge of our Breed and Bloodline. Being exclusive holds many benefits for optimal results and Exclusive options such as a personal puppy video diary, in which clients will be able to save for a lifetime of memories, we also offer personal safe transportation, in-home training visits, staging of clients home during training, in-home post training follow ups, and so much more!

Our clients and their family even have the incredible opportunity to watch their puppy LIVE, any time night or day, on DRPs puppy exclusive  cameras-in live video. We make it easy for clients who really want to feel at ease and are missing their little buddy! 

DRP has partnered with TOP Canine Trainer out of Delaware, VIC HALL to create K.C.K-9. Vic has vast knowledge in the field and has bred and trained extreme drive canines for decades. Training with Joe Nick of Atlantic City k9, Vic also specializes in legally recognized k-9 training and the industry's top standards in the field. Vic has many certifications. In fact, over the years, many seasoned trainers have come to Vic for help with Red case dogs. He is a serious lifelong dogman with lifelong merits and experience that demand respect. Vic, his family and the DRP family have joined together to bring you pure positive-progressive advancement for this breed thriving as organically intended. DRP is honored to have Vic become part of the DRP family. Two true dog families, with bigger than life visions, coming together for the betterment and preservation of this Great American breed. All while thoroughly educating each DRP owner on canine communication.

"Because They’re NOT just Dogs, They’re a WAY OF LIFE"

*We would like to Personally Welcome YOU to the DRP Family*

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