Why Do Most Vets Still Recommend Kibble over raw dog food even though raw is better for your dogs health?

Why Do Most Vets Still Recommend Kibble over raw dog food even though raw is better for your dogs health?

Many vets recommend kibble over Raw feeding because it's less liability on them. Vets are not canine nutritionists. Raw feeding has various formulas and if not formulated correctly, dogs can develop deficiencies. Vets are also educated on dogfood through programs funding by mega corp Kibble companies such as "Mars pet food company" and "Purina"


Vets are not directly paid for selling kibble such as Science diet or Royal Canine but there are incentives. These mega dog food corporations are the ones educating our vets on canine nutrition. Hmmm...

We compare this structure to human pharmaceuticals and doctors. We prefer a more holistic approach here at DRP.

For us here at DRP, we view Raw Feeding as common sense. It's the canines natural intended diet. We always asked ourselves, how could raw feeding be worse than processed kibble? Raw is no longer inconvenient and prices are comparable. Did you know that most Bagged Kibble brands have daily salmonella recalls?

It would be irresponsible for a vet to try to advise a client to raw feed without being certified canine nutritionists. This creates liabilty for the vet if they were to advise. No vet needs anymore of that! There are precautionary risks that you have to take with raw feeding. Balanced diet is key. Identifying the correct balance and optimal protein is key. Being sanitary is important, just like it is with kibble feeding. Both require being sanitary.

Most Vets have the best interest of your animal at heart, and it isn't just a money-making scheme for them to make more money by pushing a science diet. It's simply Convenience, Incentives, and Accessibility. 

We're not against vets, we love our Vets! We're just saying that education is key!

It's all about canines for us here at DRP. The love of your animal and doing what is raw, and authentic, and natural. Like us humans, we gotta get back to basics. We gotta get back to our natural diets and things that we eat. Otherwise, we bear the health effects from it.


We see rising cancer rates in recent history. Two out of four dogs die from cancer.


Storage mites are more common than most understand. Dogs ingest the mites causing gut irritation, red irritation on the belly, inflammation of the skin and itching. 

Organic raw dog food is healthier and just as safe as kibble

Canine and human health all starts in the gut.

More importantly, when you are an Athletic Canine, DRP, or KC-K-9 customer, we provide free coaching and supervision with your raw diet. You get service with your dog food that you're not going to get from PetSmart or other raw companies. We're a phone call away. If you have a question about raw diet or additives, we're here to coach you through it because we care about your pet.

The food we give our dogs makes a huge difference in their health and well-being.

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