Why Do Some Vets Still Recommend Kibble Overall even though raw dog food is better for their health?

Why Do Some Vets Still Recommend Kibble Overall even though raw dog food is better for their health?


Many vets recommend kibble overall because a lot of big-name companies are paying them to push their product, and that's just as simple as that. And it's convenient for a person to grab some dry kibble, put it in a bowl, and let their dog eat it instead of letting that thaw, natural diet on their counter. 

It would be irresponsible of a vet to try to advise a client to feed raw food. When there are precautionary risks that you have to take with it, you have to be sanitary, and you want to make sure that you're doing it the right way, and a vet isn't a nutritionist to give that advice. 

But everybody that is a real dog man and has dogs knows that it's not good food just because the vet wants to give it to you doesn't mean that it is just like doctors want to prescribe morphine and Percocet to everybody. Doctors are paid to push science diets. Vets have the best interest of your animal and heart, and it isn't just a money-making scheme for them to make more money to push a science diet. They don't want to risk telling you to do something that may cause future harm if you don't do it correctly in your animal, so it's easier to push that.

We're not against vets we're just saying that education is key

It's all about canines and the love of your animal and doing what is raw and authentic, and natural. Like us humans, we gotta get back to basics. We gotta get back to our natural diets and things that we eat. Otherwise, we bear the health effects from it.

And we see cancer now due to those facts of pushing kibble and dog eating at a higher cancer rate now than ever before. Three out of four dogs die from cancer and that is most likely from Kibble Food. 

When you first open that bag of kibble, they have what they call a storage mite. Your dog ingested that. Now, you got storage mites in your gut causing irritation, red irritation on the belly, inflammation of the skin, itching, yeast, and mites inside of the ear and there's a lot of harmful problems with the dry dog because a lot of people don't know  those skin issues, those yeast in the ear, all of those things.

Organic raw dog food is healthier and safer

Here in DRP we really are here to educate people on that and those skin issues, those yeast in the ear, all of those things that we get all the phone calls about and questions. Can you help me with all of this? It all starts in the gut. 

More importantly, when you are an Olympic Canine or DRP or a KC K-9 customer, you get free coaching and supervision with your raw diet. 

We are here. You get service with your food. You're not going to get that from PetSmart or most other raw companies. So, when you're dealing with Olympic or DRP or KC K-9, we're a phone call away. If you have a question about raw diet or additives or how you're doing it, we're here to coach you through it because we care about your pet.

The food we give our dogs makes a huge difference in their health and well-being.

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