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Delaware Red Pitbulls

Farm Fresh Organic Canine Raw Food 10 2lbs Bags. 20lbs Box ( LAMB )

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🚨 DRP Dog Food alert🚨

Olympik only ships out orders on Mondays and Tuesdays. "Please make sure to account for shipping dates"

 We package our dog food into 10 2lbs bags. That's 20lbs per box.

-Raw Balanced Diet makes for a Happy Healthy Pet

#Delawareredpitbulls is Excited & Proud to announce our partnership with Olympik K9 Raw diet specialists. We have been using these proven ORGANIC recipes for over a decade. Olympik k-9 has now made it possible to share with you! They strive to make it simple for you to provide your pet with optimal nutrition. Unnatural store bought processed kibble in the fancy bag is a past time because kibble holds many health dangers and daily recalls. Some of these dangers show themselves later in life when it's already too late. The key to Canine success is optimal diet early and consistently throughout all your dogs life cycles. Total health starts with gut health. DRP not only provides you raw feeding convenience but they are also certified Canine nutritionists. DRP success has always been a direct reflection of helping others. They are willing to coach you when establishing your optimal canine diet. Great product and service to match! DRP will be direct distributors & you can purchase directly @

We will be offering the following recipes:
🐔 Chicken
🐂 Beef🐑Lamb
🐟 Fish seasonal (wild caught salmon, not farmed)
Pre-dosed optional blend with *Mamamo's extract available. Or MamaMo’s Botanicals extracts can be purchased separately to self apply  🌱 

🔗 Back story- the founders of Olympik & DRP have been working together in the dog world for over a decade. Two true life-long dog families coming together with a vision, a message, and the experience that we can all benefit from!


Feel free to message us for custom orders, bulk pricing, and wholesale pricing.

"Raw Balanced Diet makes for a Happy Healthy Pet"


You can also visit our Instagram account 

"Beef and Chicken: Available year round" 

"Fish and Lamb: Seasonally limited availavility" 


"active dogs may require more food intake"



Olympik only ships out orders on Mondays and Tuesdays. "Please make sure to account for shipping dates"

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