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Delaware Red Pitbulls

"Athena" obedience training * PR Cerberus/ Brandy The Pitbull TM ⚔ PR Millionette Flash daughter #3 - DOB: 7/20/23

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20th year anniversary #Brandythepitbull TM Puppies Now Ready 📢

✅️ DRP Top choice Female

✅️ Red/White

✅️ Tested/ Imprinted/ Trained from 6 weeks of age #kck9

✅️ Green/Hazel Eyes

✅️ Clean Compact Structure

✅️ Soft Short Hair

✅️ Tails up confidence/ Solid nerve

✅️ Legendary/ Historical Bloodline


✅️ Huge Personalities

DOB 7/20/2023

Ask us about 

We offer free consultations & training demonstrations before client commitment. 

Cerberus is the Hero Stunt double dog in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Cer was awarded Cannes Palm dog for his steller abilities. The palm dog is the canine equivalent to the Oscar's. Tarantino Keeps Cers collar on his fireplace mantle. Pretty cool right?

It's been a couple years since Cerberus was last bred. We don't breed Cer to just any Female, he is our living legend stud. When Cerberus is called to be bred, it was meticulously thought out years prior.

Cerberus is the Epitomy of Breed perfection in many ways. His merits are special and unique like him. Cer is a dog with X factors that you simply have to meet to fully understand, a generational dog with generational talents. When DRP has visitors, Cer is the dog that captivates over all others. He has consistently produced special dogs as well. 

Cer will go down in Cinema history for his talented abilities and big personality. He steals hearts. It was only right we waited for the perfect female to pair him with, Millionette. The time has finally arrived. Millionette is the daughter of our other Top stud, The Boo Dogg. Boo is the first born son of world famous Sayuri, aka #Brandythepitbull from Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Ella Labinska hero dog in Blumhouses "Run Sweetheart Run", and also Sean Penn/ Tye Sheridans co star in "Black Flies". Cer was Sayuris Stunt double in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Genetics have always been extremely fascinating to DRP. Millionette has many similarities to Sayuri. Boo produces his mother's characteristics. Milly could be a Movie star as well, maybe she will be...

What to expect:

Next level genetics exclusive to only DRP. We have never allowed our Studs to breed publicly and that's why our blood still holds exclusive to DRP 20 years later. Expect exquisite personalities that bring Joy and fulfillment to your life. Personalities that we describe as having the "X factors". Human like personality behind their eyes. Dogs with the versatility of gently loving kids and also the ability to protect their home. Superior ON & OFF switches that other working breeds lack. It's all about INTELLIGENCE!

Cerberus is a historical, legendary, & proven Red Dog producer that will forever be remembered for his contribution to bettering the breed and laying the DRP foundation. Check Cer out on our males page.


Cers pups are socialized and imprinted every day in preparation for our clients life-long success. Imprinting a practice that unfortunately 99% of other breeders do not practice. DRP views imprinting as the key to our clients success. We find it ignorant that other so called breeders don't do it for their clients. Our goal is to bring Joy to families. This starts with us as breeders doing the extra developmental work early on. After all, humans have had dogs as companions for 100s of years because they bring Joy to our lives.

This crew is happy and mentally stable. They play games with us and their parents, continuousy learning every day for proper mental and physical development. Imprinting young pups is extremely important in mental and physical development, it's EVERYTHING. Cerberus pups are best suited for the Companion & or Working home. Let us help you identify your perfect fit.

Wether your hobbies are camping, hiking, jogging, traveling, or boating, these pups are designed for active companionship and bringing Joy to their families. 

The future is here...
The future is bright...

 They're not just dogs, they're a way of life 🎯

❤ DRP truly appreciates all the world wide love and support received, thank you!

  • Current on vaccinations 
  • Health guarantee 
  • Puppy imprinting (early training)
  • UKC registration (if applicable)
  • Personal door to door shipping available
  • Breeder knowledge for life
  • Ear cropping included
  • Much more

    *Worldwide shipping available (prices vary)

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