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Delaware Red Pitbulls

Cerberus aka Brandy the Pitbull ⚔ Naga Jolokia- Female #1 "Red Lotus"

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Daughter of a Legend ⭐


Ask us about Cerberus daughter Red Lotus!

Cerberus is the 1st and only Pitbull in history to win the Cannes Palm dog award. One of the most amazing dogs in the world ⭐ 📽

Red lotus includes all current vaccinations, health guarantee, additional health guarantees when committing to Athletic K9 raw dinners, buyers agreement, UKC registration certificate (if applicable), puppy imprinting, socialization, environmental tested, environmental practice, Obedience training (professional) ,knowledgeable/accurate overview of traits, personal DRP shipping, & Reputable 20 year experienced lifetime partner, coach, trainer, canine nutritionist, and breed expert who caters to their clients, aka DRP family.


Naga Jolokia is a top producing female 🧬

Check out Red Lotus imprinting youtube videos! Scent tracking and other training videos also available upon request.

Cerberus aka Brandy the pitbull TM & Naga Jolokia birthed 2 females. DRP & KCK-9 work with these girls everyday in tedious efforts to identify their unique individual traits for their future home. At this phase in maturity, Both girls are fearless and full of energy. Red Lotus works with a clear head and is a little bigger than Miss. 55-60lbs estimated mature weight. Both show serious courage, trust, drive, and confidence. DRP expects nothing less from the Daughters of Cerberus. DRP & KCK9 have been testing these girls daily. Scent tracking, obedience, and alot of environmental training. They were both running through baby pools and don't mind water since young age. They climb through loud water bottles with no fear. Tails up! Both have great structure, energy, confidence, drive, short hair, and Top dog genetics.  DRP and Kck9 are building both pups everyday, teaching them to learn and win. Preparing them to be the best possible version of themselves for their forever homes. All our pups are raw fed using only our very own Athletic K9 raw dinners. Available right here at DRP.

HEALTH HEALTH HEALTH  When searching for a pup, health is often overlooked as top priority. Physical trends are dominating buyer decisions. Size and color are not important. Buying a dog solely on color and size is playing with fire. It also supports ego breeders. DRP guarantees health via contract without sacrificing the absolute best physical structure. We developed a bull that is structurally and mentally correct, but also healthy. DRP is known for many things but health is their #1 merit.

What to expect with Red Lotus?

STRONG NERVE, STRONG DRIVE, CONFIDENCE, EXTREME INTELLIGENCE, STAMINA, ENDURANCE, WILLINGNESS TO PLEASE, VERSATILITY, AND CLEAN SLEEK STRUCTURE. Soft hair, red red coat, clean skin pigment, pencil tail, clean feet, clean top lines, big HEAD, and of course muscle on top of muscle. Consistency is key. All of DRPs offspring are their show of art. DRP is 20 years established, always well respected for their breed commitment. Pushing 10 generations of productions. Their reputation is A+. Professionally training and testing the dogs is the only way to improve a bloodline. DRP not only has a staff of trainers, but also certified nutritionists. DRP understands their bloodline on a deeper level. Thats how they withstand the true test of time while the other breeders come and go. DRP has options. They specialize in home protection working dogs & also family Companion. DRP has developed one of the most intelligent and versatile breeds.

Here at DRP, we pride on being true breed Ambassadors continuing to show the world the real truths about our misunderstood breed.

🎬 The Brandy Chronicle's 🎬

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🎯 They're not just dogs, they're a way of life 🎯

We truly appreciate all the love and support we are receiving worldwide.

OFFSPRING Will have the following:

Current on vaccinations 

Health guarantee 

Professional imprinting/ Training

UKC registration (if applicable)

Ear cropping optional

Personal shipping available

Lifetime breed expert consultant/ Top Service


Buyers Agreement