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Silicone Puppy nursing feeding system 🤍 Free Shipping 🤍 Life saver 🤍( Not Shirts )

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Any breeders follow us on here?!
These silicone self feeding systems are priceless. These will literally save lives, headaches, and sleep. What took so long to come up with this?! Things we first looked for when needing to use this. Milk flow through the nipples. Every nipple on every unit flows at the correct pace for newborn puppys. Sitting still, there is a slow drip. Puppys like the feel of the silicone when meeding. Puppys will go back and forth from nursing on mom and nursing on this system. We are so excited over these feeder systems that we bought a bulk order just to share with others who will need it to save puppies lives! 

We will only be stocking these for a limited time so don't miss out on this incredible breeding tool.

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