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Delaware Red Pitbulls

"Big Red" Male #2 * Slime X Brooklyn * DOB 2/24/24 * Ready 5/1/2024

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NOW Ready 📢

Big Red is the biggest pup of the litter. Very even key temperament. He's observant and inquisitive. His structure special and will for sure turn heads anywhere he ever goes. They'll ask, "what breed is that?!" #klosowskired 

D.O.B. - 2/24/2024

✅️ Green eyes

✅️ Imprinting #kck9

✅️ Short Red/Red coate

✅️ Clean Correct Structure

✅️ Solid Nerve

✅️ Confident 

✅️ Huge Personality 

✅️ Cropped ears

A few of these puppies prices will increase as they are evaluated and trained over the next month at Klosowskis custom canine training #kck9. This crew is special and the blonde pups are rare.

Slime is Thor X Red Rain son. BROOKLYN is Thanos X Vibes daughter. Two exceptional productions from their respective breedings. Slimes temperament is alot like his grandpop Boo Dogg. Brooklyns temperament is alot like her dad, Thanos. Ask us about their family tree, we've raised and owned 10 generations behind these pups. These pups are like nothing else, anywhere. We breed for specific traits and purpose. Our line has been meticulously created and preserved for over 20 years. We never allowed our studs to the public. Our bloodline is exclusive to us only.

Our team of trainers and nutritionists have been selecting the best of the best for 20 years and 10 generations. This crew being the most advanced and deepest representation into our Klosowski bloodline.

Feel free to contact us with any and all questions! Make sure to read our Google review.

The future is here...
The future is bright...

They're not just dogs, they're a way of life 🎯
❤ DRP truly appreciates all the love and support they are receiving on a worldwide platform. 

  • Current on vaccinations 
  • Health guarantee 
  • Puppy imprinting
  • UKC registration (if applicable)
  • Personal door to door shipping available
  • Breeder knowledge for life
  • Ear cropping is optional

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