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Dog For Hire - Sayuri aka "Brandy the Pit Bull"

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DRP is extremely pleased with how great this breeding clicked and continues to mature. The consistency is impressive.

The Klosowski Red Dog is similar to the APBT but with much better aptitude towards Personal protection. The ultimate home protection breed.

Unlike other protection breeds like the Rottweiler or German shepard, the Klosowski Red dog is more versatile.

🎈 D.O.B.  May 22, 2016 🎈

Weight - 55 lbs Height - 18”

Sayuri is a live wire and moves like a cat! Clean feet, clean front end, massive rear, pencil tail, perfect bite, clean tight mouth, signature head, straight top line, green eyes, extreme drive, etc, etc. Exactly what we love here at DRP. The perfect blend of physical and mental attributes of her parents. 3 year old Sayuri & Cerberus, American Pit Bull Terriers made their film debut July 26, 2019 in Quentin Tarantino’s 9th film “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood” starring Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio.

"A unique place where decades of Ethical K-9 Breeding, Nutrition, and Training collide"

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