Educating Each Individual

Educating Each Individual

Educating each individual

The importance of knowing your dog as the individual they are and building a strong, healthy relationship with our dogs is to truly understand how they think, feel and learn. Mama Mo’s, Olympik K9 raw food, Delaware Red Pit bulls and KC K9 are working together to create an entourage effect - all combined with over 80 years of experience in dogs, dog work and dog traits and when you come to us you’re gonna get the experience of all the four aspects of the dog. 

Understanding your dog and learning how its mind works can truly make you a better pet parent and companion to it. Here at Delaware we are always here to help you whether you’re dealing with us or not because ultimately we’re trying to save this great American breed, and we’re trying to preserve it. 

Obviously, we try to keep education out there so that these dogs are not misunderstood. Every client that we educate could end up saving a dog because this breed is completely misunderstood. Because ultimately we’re working from behind the scenes to save these breeds.

Why does it matter?

This breed is completely misunderstood, so when it is understood every client has a huge advantage and it’s one step forward. DRP helps you understand how to communicate with your dog and these dogs require commitment and lifestyle.

This breed is not for everybody and we’re not telling everybody that they should own this type of breed. We are here and try to educate to make sure that it is corrected for any individual client.

Rebuilding our authentic world.

This is what DRP stands for. We are not just here to make money but we educate every client or even if you’re not dealing with us. Love, respect, passion and commitment is what makes us separate from the rest. We improved our one line instead of going all different directions. This is a great breed and it’s an American breed, and we have some of the best breeds in this country and we feel that we have some of the best of this breed within the breed in this country here at Delaware Red Pit bulls.

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