Established Blood line

Established Blood line

Established Bloodline

Many dogs have been produced by the former, but to continue to develop and refine the finest characteristics of the breed for the past 20 years into a family of dogs that breed true for these characteristics is the definition of a bloodline and the ultimate goal of a breeder.

We at the Delaware Red Pitbull believe that our refined version is just superior. We specialize in one. And unlike any other dog, we have a consistent line of these dogs that we can guarantee and show you and tell you what you’re gonna receive. KC K9 does not accept outside bloodlines or breeds, we are exclusive and specialized in our Klosowski red bloodline. 

We’ve been pushing for two decades now because of a very simple concept and that is we are driven off passion. Looking into the bloodline can also help you see potential for the dog in terms of showing or competing.

This breed can do more things

This breed requires commitment and lifestyle. Great things that we enjoy are to help make the experience pleasant and to help you communicate with your dog. And by doing so, the dog is more rewarding in many ways. Especially when you have coaching behind you and services that actually care. DRP tries to educate to make sure that it is corrected for you and your family or any individual client. Whether it is health, nutrition or genetics, your dog’s personality can be determined in the bloodline.

What this breed stands for

Passion and vision is the one simple reason. At Delaware we made sure that we improved our line instead of going all different directions to make money. Bloodline is not just a factor in choosing a puppy, but in breeding too. This will always be a pure passion for Delaware. Also, DRP has a full spectrum program for two decades from health to training to breeding, and not all breeders go full spectrum. 

We are quality

The dedication of DRP for the past 20 years has always been consistent. Sticking with the refined red bloodline. They not only advocate the breed but also the lifestyle associated with this breed. So when you decide it is time to look for a dog, finding out everything about the bloodline should be a top priority. Remember looks do not tell you everything. DRP can guarantee you the quality of these dogs, if you come to us it is because you want a very specific type of dog and the service behind it.


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