Klosowski’s Canine Training Services

Klosowski’s Canine Training Services

Klosowski’s Canine Training Services

Here at Delaware Red Pitbulls: Klosowski's Canine Training Services, we understand and value the crucial function of dogs not just in our lives but in our community as a whole as well. As devoted buddies, skilled guardians, and incredibly clever agents who ensure safety and protection. 

For our company, we feel that there is an excellent way to teach & support K9 dogs in ways that nurtures the remarkably unique bond we share with them while also enriching society overall. 

People used to think that dog training was only about teaching them some cool tricks, obedience commands usually through negative reinforcement which included heavy-handed punishment-based techniques. It was considered to be a luxury for dog parents and most of the time considered it to be so straightforward and simple that anyone can do it simply on their own without the help of adequate knowledge and professionals. 

Aside from the training, we also believe that everything starts from our environment. We’re making sure that we understand our dogs and we are spoiling them and giving them respect right from the start of their early age.

Lastly, feeding a dog properly is not as easy as it seems. You can’t just toss whatever is left from your family’s meal and be done with it. You need to get them proper chow, designed to meet their individual needs. We make sure to feed them Olympic K9 our own raw food diet. Raw balanced diet makes for a happy and healthy pet.

What Do We Offer To Our Clients?

Our canine training programmes have had considerable success in generating well thought and competent dogs, thus, we are delighted to provide a diverse options of training that assure breed-determined classes for canines. 

Our programmes are customized per dog, and that's what makes us stand-out from the rest.  From our Obedience Training: Down-in-motion to our Board and Train course, we ensure that each and every canine that completes our programme will be a fantastic Superdog - a canine with talents and qualities that set itself apart from the others. 

What Makes Us Different From The Rest?

Commitment and competence have helped us to become the primary influence in delivering dependable K9 security and training canines in a number of breed-determined programmes. We can ensure ethical, effective, and coherent outcomes for all of our patrons since we have established solid outcomes and a strong ethical foundation.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Our goal is to not just train dogs, but to raise heroes. We are building these dogs from the ground up and we are doing it in a very unique way while ensuring that dogs are comfortable and safe. We are environmental. The environment where we conduct our training is very important to us because it will mirror the dog’s behavior during the course. 

Klosowski’s Canine Training Services' mission has always been broader than just training canines and K9 assistance. We are not only committed to breeding exceptional, clever, and skillful dogs, we are committed to helping these canines connect with humans deeply and empowering them to fulfill an honorable duty on the planet as our friends, guardians, and instruments of peace.

We continue to provide resilient and strategic training sessions as much as we aspire to do everything sensibly and in accordance with the best methods, there are.


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