Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition

Proper Diet and Nutrition 

For two decades, Delaware Red Pitbulls we always specialized in raw diet and we’ve always just on raw ingredients. The results have been amazing after years of doing this and it only made sense that we process our own food and create our own line. We partner up with Olympik K9 who are also an incredible dog family who have been in this industry for over 20 years.

Organic Raw Nutrients in our Homemade Dog Food

Feeding the best raw food is right for your dog as nature intended means that they will get nutrients from sources and improved overall health for dogs. It takes three generations to eliminate processed food from dogs’ genetics. We are on eight to nine generations of our organic raw dog food. Kibble is like McDonalds to humans. Here at DRP we're always just on raw ingredients - chicken, egg, turmeric, coconut oil, some kind of liver, organ meat, etc. We have Randy’s recipes here with hundreds of dogs over the years because we’re trying to eliminate kibble out of all the genetic code. 

Increase Your Dog’s Health with our Raw Dog Meals

Feeding your dog raw food can positively affect many aspects of their health, but it's important to understand how and why a raw food diet might be right for your dog. Here at DRP and KC K9 we team up with Olympik K9 raw organic food. Created a superior blend food that is also affordable and top notch k9 nutrition that is proven and worthy. 

We do strictly raw food here at Delaware Red Pitbulls and KC K9, and now it’s available to each of our clients and the general public.

All raw food is not the same.

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