The Puppy Gaunlet

The Puppy Gaunlet

Puppy Imprinting 

Imprinting is a type of learning that happens very early in a dog’s life. Imprinting them from an early age provides increased confidence. Dogs that have anxiety or more timid personalities can benefit from training. It allows puppies to overcome their fears which will affect them for the rest of their lives. 

Here at DRP. We work dogs through obstacles that push and challenge them. The puppies learn that they can overcome their fears.  These types of challenges teach the puppies that they can work through any challenges as they come their way.

Benefits of Imprinting Puppies

Imprinting causes these puppies to think and overcome challenges, making them better dogs for you. It will develop greater security, confidence, and in turn, reduce fear and anxiety. These skills lead to a more balanced dog.

By challenging puppies at an early age, they learn they are capable of much more. When they overcome these obstacles unscathed, they become more confident and less susceptible to outside stressors.  

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